another rant to d.c. rep.

i gross $40k per year in a hell hole factory in paterson. you gross $175k per year in d.c.. who’s got more stake in how the country fairs? i would say you do. how about yellen? or bernancke? or geithner? how about greenspam? how about trump? how about gates? how about any millionaire that lives in your/our district? dont they have a vested interest to defend the usa many times over what i do?

it’s mathematical logic. all you folks should be willing to wear cammo, tote a gun and parachute out of an airplane to fight the menace of chinese and russian domination.

it’s all over the news how china and russia signed a 30 year pact for natural gas to the tune of $400 million dollars. the one thing u.s. news omits is that they aint using dollars.

what about the veterans’ administration? they had secret waiting lists which were really death lists. ever since the atomic testing the goobermint has denied soldiers any redress for illnesses directly related to military activities. then veit nam and agent orange and irag and gulf war syndrome and everything else. go fight for your country and we will deny you later. that is why you and every member of the house and senate and the judiciary and the exectutive should be the first to parachute out of airplanes and fight hand to hand with the enemies of democracy.

i read that 80% of the the uranium used for atomic power in the usa comes from russia. so russia cuts back and electric rates go up.

i aint a democrat. i aint a republican. i think both parties have been bought and paid for by the elite criminal banksters of wall street.

evey bankster who gets an average $350,000 bonus should don cammo, carry a gun and parachute out of a plane to fight the enemy with joy in their hearts.

dont all them guys, including yourself reap the most benefits of the uhmerikan way of life? isnt it the money? the more money you have the more we value you are? every rich uhmerikan should don cammo, carry a rifle and parachute out of a plane to kill people in russia or china as pay back.

all hand to hand combat and stabbing and head bashing with blood and guts flying all over. shouldnt all those rich people sacrifice themselves after having lived the good life?

i see you wear an uhmerikan flag lapel pin. what does that mean? dont you want to kill our enemies yourself, with your bare hands?

maybe you want to lob some atomic weapons over there, where ever that is and vaporize millions at a clip. do you care if they do the same to us? well, do you?

i dont want to kill anyone. i dont have a secret exclusive end of world bunker to go hide in. i dont have millions of dollars either.

i have to go work for a living. poor benefits, no pension, worthless but costly medical insurance, 2 weeks vacation, high food and energy costs.

the goobermint records every phone call and email but cant put an end to heroin trade in your district. what’s up with that?

looks to me like the fix is in. when rich poeple tell poor people to go and fight for the country, then when those poor people a sick and broken down and denied health care i say the fix is in. you are in on it. your voting record proves it.

you can blah-blah-blah all you want. only when i see your voting record change will i believe you.

when will i get my Q.E.? when will my big bail out check arrive in the mail?

how about dick cheney complaining that o’bama isnt following the constitution? maybe he is worried that o’bama is a bigger crook that he is. hah-hah, i laugh at the satirical irony.

how about our rotund and corpulent gooberner, crispy crisp, delivering that hawkish and warlike speech to the zionists.

why is there a 800 million dollar short fall in the state budget? yeah, that guy is presidential timber. not that the democrats can field anything better.

what about mitt romney being for an increase in minimum wage? what’s up with that? you agree with that?

who should go to war and defend this “great” nation? mitt or some burger flipper from mcdonald’s? how about john kerry going one on one with pooty poot putin or some shulb working at walmart. certainly no walton should have to get shot at.

what if the walton heirs all gang up on putin and have it out all personal. last man standing wins the whole ball of wax. it should be televised on pay per view sort of like that star trak episode where kirk fights the gorn.

i think we should take all our oligarchs and all russian and chinese oligarchs and put them in some thunder dome and let them all fight it out in the most brutal way possible.

do you think you can take out a russian or chinese political hack hand to hand? do you? would you like to be on tv with millions watching? way cool.


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