canadian astronaut copyright infringer

Chris Hadfield sung david bowie’s “space oddity” while he was on the space station. now everyone is saying he should be able to have his youtube video continue to be available for viewing. why? becuz he is/was an astronaut? becuz he was/is/will be canadian?

it was viewed 22.4 million times. i think david bowie should get a cut. dont get me wrong. david bowie is a rich,old, powerful white man. that makes him a ni99ah.

what about kids who download movies and get fined hundreds of thousands of dollars? george harrison was sued by some singer who sed he stole a song. this happens all the time. the two brothers who made the matrix movies were sued becuz they stole the idea from someone.

did the astronaut give a hit tip or acknowledgement to david bowie’s creativity? did david bowie get any valuable consideration.

dont mess with the yankees. if you take a picture of any yankee uniforma nd then try to sell it the yankees legal team will come after you.

the best thing to happen is if the astronaut and the rock star could get together and collaborate on a joint venture. mebbe david b. can do a remix including hadfield.

if you listen to the words of space oddity, it’s about a guy who never returns to earth. it is a disaster song. doesnt seem fitting to the bold right stuff we expect from space exploration.

should an astronaut be allowed to spit in your face? kill some one? steal money and commit fraud? what laws can we agree on that astronauts can ignore?

this hadfiled guy is supposed to be way smart. why didnt he compose his own song that would put david bowie’s to shame?

this can all be solved and smoothed over and come to an happy ending if hadfield comes out of the closet as being gay. gay people are better than hetero people. what’s up with david bowie? wasnt he gay for a while? or bi? or neuter? or something?


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