uhmerika Fascist oligarchy

west virginia made it a crime to disclose fracking chemicals. first responders have to sign a no disclosure agreement when the chemicals are made known to them in the course of their duties, say, from a chemical spill.

the legislature did this. the people’s elected representatives did this. how can any elected official decide this is in the public interest? no. it is not. it was done to protect an elite minority. it was done to prevent any one hurt by fracking chemicals to know what hurt them and sue for redress.

my d.c. rep votes against my interests 99% of the time. i only get to vote against him once every 2 years. still, how does my rep get re elected? his voting results are in the sunday newspaper for all to see. his voting record promotes the agenda of the moneyed class.

i cant blame the citizens of west virginia. the system doesnt let good, honest, ethical and moral people get elected. if it did then west virginia would not have made it a felony to disclose fracking chemicals.

stick a fork in our collective asses and turn us over. uhmerika is done.



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