latest rant ot d.d.c rep, may 26, 2014

firstly, how many paid days off do you get for memorial day?
i told everyone i know about the atomic soldiers who marched to ground zero then denied benefits. i told every one about the veit nam vets agent orange and denied benefits. i told everyone i know about iraq war vets and depleted uranium and denied benefits i think it is best to remember such things.

secondly i read about your voting record in the sunday paper. of course you voted for a $600 billion defense budget. is there some money in that budget for your cammo fatigues and rife and parachute? aviation fuel for the plane you will jump out of when you vote to start WW3? i dont expect you to go along with WW3 while O’bama is in power. i bet you will vote for WW3 and flee to your COG cave if crispy crisp or jeb bush get in the white house and start flinging A bombs around.

thirdly, of course you you voted down a minimum wage increase, a man who makes $175,000 per year and has platinum medical insurance and pension and 6 weeks vacation. you masters told you to say, “we cant afford it!”.

but the big news is iran hung a billionaire who was convicted in fraud. but in uhmerika, white collar criminals who get caught scamming billions from innocents spend a few years in elegant Federal prisons that are like country clubs.

why isnt ben bernanke hung? Misto Bernanke is following a well-trodden path that his predecessor, Alan S. Greenspam, and other Washington policy makers have taken. On the speaking circuit, he is putting just one foot through the revolving door between Washington and Wall Street, being paid by financial firms but not employed by one.

what if he had a private agreement with all those criminal banksters that after he got out he would get speaking gigs for $200,000 to $400,000 a pop? you know, for, like taking care of his buddies. quantitative easing to the tune of trillions of dollars, you know your real masters.

i read that there is ONE MILLION DOLLARS worth of heroin sold in paterson per week. many of the people making purchases live in white milford. i say corruption at the very highest levels allows it to happen.

i gotta go to work every day to pay high taxes to goobermint workers who make too much money. i think school superintendents and principals should only make $10.10 per hour. if necessary the towns should hire illegal immigrants willing to work for next to nothing. we need a race to the bottom in goobermint wages. all those jobs should be outsourced to china and india and everything done by menu, “press one for detention”, press two for expulsion”, “press three for mass shooting”.


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