ashamed to be uhmerikan

i am so ashamed to be uhmerikan. to peace loving citizens of the world i am truly sorry. non one, that is NO ONE, listens to mu opinions.

for example: “uhmerikan scientists recreated the 1917 spanish flu virus”.


am i supposed to be proud and patriotic? am i to wave the uhmerikan flag and march up main street? i think not. i am totally disgusted. as uhmerikans we have so many scientists we can waste them weaponizing viruses. as uhmerikans we can afford to pay such scientists top dolllar while citizens have no jobs or homes or food.

they say it is for study but the real reason is for weapons. first to kill unuhmerikanz in far away places then to kill uhmerikanz at home, for profit.

cure cancer? the common cold? perfect vaccines without side effects? nope. how about develop fusion power, cold or warm is ok by me. distribute high output solar panels? reduce property taxes? 30 hours work for 40 hours pay? no, nothing good just lame assed stupid shit. yup, that’s what uhmerikanz are best at.



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