NASA’s warp drive space ship concept

NASA released computer generated images of what it thinks a warp drive space ship will look like.

imagine designing a car without knowing how the engine will work. think dystopian meme where cars are pulled by horses.

that is exactly what NASA has done. we “designed” a warp drive space ship but we dont know what will power it. yeah, right.

humans have spent 70 years trying to “harness” fusion power but it’s always deemed 20 years away. the warp drive space ship may need some exotic propulsion powered by something more powerful than even anti matter and dilithium crystals.

the truth is we just dont know.

my house is powered by fusion reaction. i put solar panels on my roof. 93 million miles is about how close you want to be to a fusion reaction.

some say the sun is powered by birkeland currents instead. the best minds we got say that the way “they” think fusion works should produce neutrinos in a certain amount which dont seem to be detected.

i have to discount the NASA warp drive space ship. do you think a republican controlled uhmerikan political system would actually fund a warp drive space ship? trillions of dollars that could be given to wall street instead? you got to be kidding me. it’s just technolust porn for eggheads.

uhmerikan education system is only able to produce junkies and burger flippers. TPTB dont want  educated citizens who can figger out how badly they have been fucked over by the 1%, so scratch warp drive space ships. uhmerikan aint got the technological manufacturing base to pull it off. i say we let china steal our designs and let them build it. jade rabbit anyone?


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