d.c. rep rant 6/25/14

how duz duck cheney know the next terrorist attack on uhmerika will be “even deadlier”? is is becuz he is planning the dirty deed like he planned 9/11?

i callz him duck cheney like daffy duck is duck twacy or duck dogers in the 21st and a half century. i call him duck cheney becuz of the abject and utter contempt i have for him.
look at the contempt he shows to the uhmerikan sheeple.

i think duck cheney should be flown to gitmo in “cuber” to be water boarded to find out exactly what he knows about the next “even deadlier” terror attack in uhmerika. are you in on that? then water board yourself.

i red this on yahoo news:
“A legendary Special Forces commander was quietly forced to leave the U.S. Army after he admitted to a love affair with a Washington Post war correspondent, who quit her job to secretly live with him for almost a year in one of the most dangerous combat outposts in Afghanistan.

U.S. Army Special Operations Command never publicly disclosed that highly-decorated Green Beret Major Jim Gant was relieved of command at the end of a harrowing 22 months in combat in March 2012.

His commanders charged in confidential files that he had “indulged in a self-created fantasy world” of booze, pain pills and sex in a tribal village deep in Taliban and al Qaeda country with his “wife,” journalist Ann Scott Tyson.

“We did fall in love, I would say over the course of about a week,” Tyson told ABC News in an interview, recalling that Gant asked her to marry him within a few days of meeting each other in 2010. She laughed him off at first, but eventually he won her over.

By the time he was yanked out of Afghanistan two years later because of his relationship with Tyson, Gant also had won over three Pashtun tribes with substantial influence throughout Kunar province. Top commanders had tasked him with turning the tide of a conflict America was losing, and in his corner of the war, Gant was winning.”

exactly what am i to think of the way this country is being run? there sure has been a purge of top military brass lately. is there a rouge military? is it corruption or are the corrupt getting rid of honorable men by smearing them?

hey! the f-35a was grounded again for a few days when one caught on fire taking off. the house ok’d another $135 million for missile defense.

when is the house going to ok $135 million for soc sec and ext unem?

what’s up with the flood of child refugees from central and south uhmerika? do any of youse have a duke of an idea what is going on?

i would have a higher opinion of you if you resigned congress started wearing cammo, a gun and parachute and went to iraq to clean up the mess. but you wont. lots of poe white and black boys to do that. then you get the VA to kill them off. the top guy resigns but all the other a-holes are still there getting big bonuses.

i am disgusted. disgusted i say! a rude wind is blowing out of washington,d.c..

yeah, things are just jim dandy.


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