i like to take a wok in dee pok. i doan like steppn in dog poop. i see signs telling dog walkers to pick up poop. that is good.

i used to have a dog many yeers ago. i doan now. but i do know how big a small dog poop is.

i want to talk about HORSES. i wok in dee pok and i see big mounds of horse poop. how come horse owners arent required to pick up after their animals? iffen i owed a dog , a 30 pound dog i kud take dat dog to the pok every day for 2 weeks jest to git the same pile.

horses can spread anthrax. a horse fly lands on dat shit and bites me on dee nose and i gets ANTHRAX!

dog poop is jest a fertile as horse poop. i mean for the environment and fertilizing  plant life and bean conducive to breeding annoying insects.

back in the day nyc had to have an army of SANITATION workers who did nothing but shovel horse shit. i bet you can got to wickedpedia and get the facts on how many tons of horse shit nyc used to produce per unit of time before mechanized transport.

if a cop rides a horse and is a public employee then that goobermint has to provide another goobermint employee to pick the poe-leeze horse shit. your tax dollars at work.

i overstand dat the horsey set is well heeled and has influence in politics and goobermint. it’s class warfare, the working class shlub haz to pick up hiz pet’s shit but the elite get to leave piles of shit all over.


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