fusion power myth

“the sun in a bottle”,  righty-right, then. scientists and engineers have been saying for the the past 70 years (a life time) that fusion power is only 20 years away. unaccountable billions, if not trillions,of dollars have been thrown down that rat hole.

i drank dat kool-aid. what fusion research is really just a jobs program. i think the goal of fusion research isnt practical fusion power but rather a jobs program for scientists and engineers to fritter away their working careers at good wages, “for the betterment of mankind”. sounds respectable enough.

some folks have already designed warp drive star ships but havent a duke of an idear of what is to power it.

scientists and astronomers dont even really know how the sun operates. some say it is gravity squashing atoms together. what if it is electric?

here is a paraphrase. about on kilowatt of energy falls on each square meter. this is from the sun and at earth surface. the earth intercepts a tiny, minuscule, fantastically small percentage of this energy. yet these same scientists and astronomers would have you believe space is empty. nope. space is full of light and electricity and magnetism.

what scientists and engineers want are conferences in exotic locales to hold symposiums and give papers and live the good life while you and i struggle to make ends meet. becuz they know you are a dumb ass.

scientists and engineers never discuss heroin addiction or other social ills. “they” want you to think everything is under control.  but why are so many fission power plants built on known fault lines? no one asks a geophysicist for an opinion? look what happened in japan. scientists and engineers sed that would never happen in 10, 000 years. shit! those are crummy odds.

scientists and engineers never knew what to do with atomic waste. they left if for future scientists and engineers to figure out but acted like safety was taken care of. we were sold a nuclear bill of goods. atom bombs were easy enough to make. safe and reliable power not much so.

and here is the dirty little secret of fusion power. it takes a dirty fission  power plant to jump start it.

if a scientist and or engineer can fool the public to believe half a dream then their job is whole and complete. think of scientists and engineers as bob and bing “on the road to” fusion pie in the sky. gotta give the rubes a fair shake for their sugar.

when ever a scientist or engineer wants to intimidate they scream, ” I AM A SCIENTIST/ENGINEER!”.

all i am saying is the general public must be wary of false promises. dont be fooled by complex spread sheets. dont be coward when you are told you are stupid or dont know all the facts.

where are all the scientists and engineers who developed the atomic energy plant in japan when it had multiple meltdowns? certainly not lined up against a wall and shot. dont hand over your children’s future to such men who just want to retire from their careers on great pensions. the japan disaster may well prove to be a major extinction event bought to you by scientists and engineers.

let us not forget who is hold the leash. it is greedy short sighted profit motivated banksters who dont give a rat’s ass about you, me or the whole future of the earth as long as they can make millions and billions and trillions of what ever right now.

and that star ship? you got a ticket on it? no. the only berths will be for the elite who poisoned the earth and want to move on to other worlds to destroy along with their attending scientist and engineers (just enough, not too many) and plenty of sex slaves.

we cant even return to the moon and “scientists” are talking about going to far off planetary systems light years away like it is a walk in the park.  techno-lust runs deep in western society. it will be used against you to support agendas with undesirable results. few will profit, many will suffer. DUMB ASS!


i tell my rat congressman who my heroes are

i got one day off for the 4th of july. how many weeks duz congress get?

this fella, James Prigoff, tuk a photo of a mural painted on the side of a gas storage container up in boston. seems photos of it are all over the web yet the FBI contacted James Prigoff and now he is a suspected terrorist. WRONG! James Prigoff is a hero.

what about Cheyanne Bond, 17? shot in the head execution style in newark? she was a cheerleader and wanted to be a nurse. i say she is just as much a hero as gabby gifford. NAY! more so.

Cecily McMillan is another hero of mine. she elbowed a dirty rat cop who grabbed her breast during the occupy wall street protests. now that’s the sort of jury i want to get on and hang it. throw a monkey wrench in the system. YEAH!

the cops cant catch cold blooded killers but they can brutalize protesters of the elite criminal banksters, the same banksters of whom you do their bidding. what sort of bidding? voting against funding soc sec and ext unem.

what about the f-35? can we fight WW3 and the chinese with that broken down piece of junk? plenty of money for that rat hole.

guess what? you aint my hero. i read your voting record. it speaks volumes.

the “dork” ages

dat aint  no misspelling. i predict a “dork” age to fall upon western civilization and uhmerika in particular.

currently, as of july 2014, thousands and thousands of unaccompanied minors are flooding across the southern borders of uhmerika. it is sed, by pundits, dat dese kids are fleeing violence and gangs in the home countries. well, WELCOME TO UHMERIKA!

i live near and work in pottysum, new jerky. a 12 yeer old child got shot in dee hade while going to a fambly function in dat once great but now dystopian metropolis. the cops say she warnt the intended target. no, she done got caught in cross fire of, get ready for this, GANG WARFARE!

exactly where are  uhmerikan childrens to run to to escape violence and gangs?

a train derailed in mexico and “delayed” 1300 unaccompanied minors in their trek towards el norte. shouldnt DHS send a convoy down to get them all and bring them here? inst dat why president O!bama (dork) axed congress for billions of dollars? not to protect childrens here in pottysum, new jerky but to bring more pain and suffering?

who exactly is to clothe and feed and educate these childrens? and learn them exactly what?

there is more here than meets the eye, especially as i red dat the president of mexico anf gualtemela singed and agreement to make it easier for these kids to get to uhmerika.

me, bean a filthy gringo, no one is gonna make it easy for me to settle in any of them countries. if i find my self down on my luck in any of those countries i’ll just be killed, no problemmo!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson (dork), may rhapsodize about the glories of science, but what exactly do those glories have to offer children huddling in over crowded barracks in some down-at-heels FEMA kamp, whose main concerns are finding ways to get enough to eat and stay out of the way of the latest turf war between the local drug gangs?

are these childrens educated and have the ability to read and do basic arithmetic? do they have any skills an advanced society needs, such as programming smart phones?

will they practice basic hygiene in fast food establishments? what happens when bankster capitalist pig elites introduce robots into the unskilled labor market and eliminate the need for human workers?

maybe the best looking can become sex slaves for the depraved elites.

it appears to me that WW3 is near at hand. uhmerika and china will go toe to toe. we got the f-35 varients, mostly grounded due to various mechanical design faults. we are building 3 destroyers for the navy. they cost 3 billion dollars each, yeah, that should cover a 3 ocean war nicely.

uhmerikan manufacturing base has ben gutted and staffed with untrained and unskilled workers. quality is just a buzz word that is ignored for deadlines and billing. let’s just add a few more millions of illegal immigrants to depress wages lower and see what happens.

gabby gifford (dork) wuz shot in the hade and declared a hero. i suppose becuz she a member of congress. Genesis Rincon, the 12 yeer old shot in pottysum aint gonna get no special title nor even justice. her fambly will suffer the loss without any national media coverage like gabby got.

pottysum, new jerky has a $250 million dollar budget for the board of education.  isuspect almost all of it is wasted.

all the politicians are dorks. they stick to party agendas that have nothing to do with what is really happening in uhmerika.

how about that dork google executive who hired a hooker and went to hiz yacht and died of a heroin overdose? he wuz 56 and the hooker 26. him married with five children. hiz yacht was wired with CCTV and the cops were able to identify the hooker. i wonder if they slow mowed through all the kinky sex dey wuz doing? isnt dat what a rich guy hires a hooker? google’s motto is, “do no harm” yeah, right. sounds like marketing bullshit to me.

google “future dark ages” and see the results. one day duck cheney, ex VP of uhmerika will realize he can make a trillion dollars by killing me you and everyone else in uhmerika and do it. now there’s a dork for for you, the perfect ruler for a new “dork” age. he’s a dork lord, may the farce be wiff you.

do YOU really think “they” will let YOU take immortality drugs? do YOU really think “they” will let YOU upload into the singularity? do YOU have YOUR ticket on the star ship to Kepler 62e and 62f  or Gliese 832c? when worlds collide anyone? you best be watching youtube videos about making stone knives and bearskins. kwest for fyre.

all these thousands of kids from south uhmerika are fresh meat. dey dont want yur broken down old hide. wedensday is soylent green day. all “they” haz to do is grind you up and add some yoga mat filler and “they” got crispy critters snax. mmmm. yummy.


attack of the killer zombie possums

tom, the feller what got shot some months ago, wuz sent out back to tidy up dee trash container. we iz in pottysum, dee home of Lou Costello. folks from many miles about leave their trash in our container, becuz.

well, some one left a long tube of cardboard used to ship one thang or another. tom went out to organize dee trash and while fooling wiff dee cardboard tube a possum jumped out and “attacked” him.

it wuz a mother possum defending it’s young. i caint blame dat animal. i do blame human unkindness for short term thinking.

some of my other coworkers found this amusing. they laffed and laffed. tom went home early. mebbe he though he contracted hydrophobia. he came in late the next day all cured.

i dont know the fate of the possum fambly. i suspect dee worse.

the official unofficial motto of pottysum is, “pottysum haz everything”, even including mother possums protecting their young.

tom told me he haz ben attacked by other animals. a deer, ocean going crabs and other critters. i iz glad it warnt me self.

uhmerikan citizens haz become the borg of star track infamy. we iz killing mother erf for profit. resistance is futile. i see no future hexcept WW3.

i aint got no bunker to hunker down in. i aint connected to dee rich or powerful or clever or corrupt. wiff a liitle luck i should like to think i wood be vaporized right at the start and not have too suffer too much having to kill or be killed by the mobs left to fend for them selves.

it wont be long now. some smart ass “scientist” weaponized the spanish flu from 100 yeers ago. he fixed it so there is no known natcheral immunity to it. makes one right proud to be an uhmerikan.

even iffen everyone is dead it’s nice to know dat robots will continue to manufacture eye phone “x” for ever.

Gliese 832 16 light year bullshit

yeash… “scientists”, NAY!, astronomers, haz identified an “earth like plane”t 16 light years away. they say we should drop everything and head off there right now.

this from a bunch of monkeys who say, “fusion power is always 20 years away”. well, NASA has developed a warp drive star ship concept but dont have a duke of an idear how to power it. talk about smoke and mirrors.  so let’s drop everything and pop  over to Gliese 832 right now.

the fastest space ship we got is new horizon. it would take thousands of years to get to Gliese 832. still, astronomers want funding for their lifetimes and all this sounds respectable.

it’s a bill of goods based on recycled “star track” plots. others say we have to get off the earth as we has destroyed it in the name of profit. that sounds doable. like gold man sacks will spend a few trillion dollars to send a handful of space explorers to some distant world we aint sure is “earth like”.

we are too stupid to fix things on our own earth so let us export our failed policies to some other planet we cant possibly reach with present and near term technology.

SHIT! we kaint even get to mars or return to the moon and pie in the sky dreamers are reaching for Gliese 832.

FART! fart i say. techno-lust haz gone too far.

there is supposed to be a virus to shut down north am electric generation. you think we iz sending a 100 year star ship to Gliese 832? you be lucky iffen you can get to work next week. duck cheney has bet that he can make a buck offen each one of youse that die in the next “terror attack” agin uhmerika.

we aint goan to Gliese 832 unless we know for certain there is gold or oil there.

ax yurself how long it will take to exploit the methane lakes of titan, a moon of saturn? you are being sold a bill of goods. scientists the like of  Neil de Grasse Tyson are betting on life long employment and aggrandizing of yur lack of knowledge. DUMB ASS!

Gliese 832, indeed! number one, make it so! ENGAGE!!!

make yur own brade

yessir! make yur own brade. i buy  regional supermarket flour. i use oat meal for 1/4 of flour required. i use yeast and honey and other natcheral ingredients. i leave out “yoga mat” substances.

by accident i left on slice of homemade brade on the counter top. it wuz inna plastique cotainer for 5 days. NO MOLD or decay!

or course i use a brade machine. they be cheap and plentiful at garage sales and thrift stores. make shore you get a recipe book. follow directions. first 20 minnits critical.   expect a variation of finished product. lots denser than store bought.

i add, water, only 1/4 tsp of salt,  herbs, olive oil and flour.

an example, a 1 and 1/2 pound loaf needs 2 bananas and no extra water. a 2 pound loaf and one small can of tomato paste and mebbe a few tsp of water.

a brade machine can be had for 10 or 20 bucks used and new for 100 bucks on sale. invest in one.

i used to spend 10 or 15 bucks on brade per week. i seem to have lots of extra money in my pocket making my own brade. specialty brade, such as english moffins i still buy.

i experiment with additions such as cheese or chocolate or tomato paste and herbs. i always freeze the loaves i make and toast the slices as necessary.

it takes about 15 minnits to load the various ingredients and another 15 minnits to verify that the dough is the correct texture then ignore until the machine beeps done. anywhere between 90 to 180 minnits. YO! kaint be more fool proof or easier.

i got 3, count ’em, three brade machines. the more brade you make, the more expert you become.

real brade is sort of expensive. all brade is industrial. i use my machine and can pick and chose and monitor ingredients. i know exactly how fresh and where it’s been. it’s sort of a cottage industry.

you want “wander” brade? dumbass…i make nourishing and healthy brade. it’s a “wonder” you eat dat crap dat some CEO peddles to get his yacht and sail off without you. DUMB…ASS!