the “dork” ages

dat aint  no misspelling. i predict a “dork” age to fall upon western civilization and uhmerika in particular.

currently, as of july 2014, thousands and thousands of unaccompanied minors are flooding across the southern borders of uhmerika. it is sed, by pundits, dat dese kids are fleeing violence and gangs in the home countries. well, WELCOME TO UHMERIKA!

i live near and work in pottysum, new jerky. a 12 yeer old child got shot in dee hade while going to a fambly function in dat once great but now dystopian metropolis. the cops say she warnt the intended target. no, she done got caught in cross fire of, get ready for this, GANG WARFARE!

exactly where are  uhmerikan childrens to run to to escape violence and gangs?

a train derailed in mexico and “delayed” 1300 unaccompanied minors in their trek towards el norte. shouldnt DHS send a convoy down to get them all and bring them here? inst dat why president O!bama (dork) axed congress for billions of dollars? not to protect childrens here in pottysum, new jerky but to bring more pain and suffering?

who exactly is to clothe and feed and educate these childrens? and learn them exactly what?

there is more here than meets the eye, especially as i red dat the president of mexico anf gualtemela singed and agreement to make it easier for these kids to get to uhmerika.

me, bean a filthy gringo, no one is gonna make it easy for me to settle in any of them countries. if i find my self down on my luck in any of those countries i’ll just be killed, no problemmo!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson (dork), may rhapsodize about the glories of science, but what exactly do those glories have to offer children huddling in over crowded barracks in some down-at-heels FEMA kamp, whose main concerns are finding ways to get enough to eat and stay out of the way of the latest turf war between the local drug gangs?

are these childrens educated and have the ability to read and do basic arithmetic? do they have any skills an advanced society needs, such as programming smart phones?

will they practice basic hygiene in fast food establishments? what happens when bankster capitalist pig elites introduce robots into the unskilled labor market and eliminate the need for human workers?

maybe the best looking can become sex slaves for the depraved elites.

it appears to me that WW3 is near at hand. uhmerika and china will go toe to toe. we got the f-35 varients, mostly grounded due to various mechanical design faults. we are building 3 destroyers for the navy. they cost 3 billion dollars each, yeah, that should cover a 3 ocean war nicely.

uhmerikan manufacturing base has ben gutted and staffed with untrained and unskilled workers. quality is just a buzz word that is ignored for deadlines and billing. let’s just add a few more millions of illegal immigrants to depress wages lower and see what happens.

gabby gifford (dork) wuz shot in the hade and declared a hero. i suppose becuz she a member of congress. Genesis Rincon, the 12 yeer old shot in pottysum aint gonna get no special title nor even justice. her fambly will suffer the loss without any national media coverage like gabby got.

pottysum, new jerky has a $250 million dollar budget for the board of education.  isuspect almost all of it is wasted.

all the politicians are dorks. they stick to party agendas that have nothing to do with what is really happening in uhmerika.

how about that dork google executive who hired a hooker and went to hiz yacht and died of a heroin overdose? he wuz 56 and the hooker 26. him married with five children. hiz yacht was wired with CCTV and the cops were able to identify the hooker. i wonder if they slow mowed through all the kinky sex dey wuz doing? isnt dat what a rich guy hires a hooker? google’s motto is, “do no harm” yeah, right. sounds like marketing bullshit to me.

google “future dark ages” and see the results. one day duck cheney, ex VP of uhmerika will realize he can make a trillion dollars by killing me you and everyone else in uhmerika and do it. now there’s a dork for for you, the perfect ruler for a new “dork” age. he’s a dork lord, may the farce be wiff you.

do YOU really think “they” will let YOU take immortality drugs? do YOU really think “they” will let YOU upload into the singularity? do YOU have YOUR ticket on the star ship to Kepler 62e and 62f  or Gliese 832c? when worlds collide anyone? you best be watching youtube videos about making stone knives and bearskins. kwest for fyre.

all these thousands of kids from south uhmerika are fresh meat. dey dont want yur broken down old hide. wedensday is soylent green day. all “they” haz to do is grind you up and add some yoga mat filler and “they” got crispy critters snax. mmmm. yummy.



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