i tell my rat congressman who my heroes are

i got one day off for the 4th of july. how many weeks duz congress get?

this fella, James Prigoff, tuk a photo of a mural painted on the side of a gas storage container up in boston. seems photos of it are all over the web yet the FBI contacted James Prigoff and now he is a suspected terrorist. WRONG! James Prigoff is a hero.

what about Cheyanne Bond, 17? shot in the head execution style in newark? she was a cheerleader and wanted to be a nurse. i say she is just as much a hero as gabby gifford. NAY! more so.

Cecily McMillan is another hero of mine. she elbowed a dirty rat cop who grabbed her breast during the occupy wall street protests. now that’s the sort of jury i want to get on and hang it. throw a monkey wrench in the system. YEAH!

the cops cant catch cold blooded killers but they can brutalize protesters of the elite criminal banksters, the same banksters of whom you do their bidding. what sort of bidding? voting against funding soc sec and ext unem.

what about the f-35? can we fight WW3 and the chinese with that broken down piece of junk? plenty of money for that rat hole.

guess what? you aint my hero. i read your voting record. it speaks volumes.

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