chikun gunya

i am developing a new anime series about a chicken with a gun who kills for just us.

back in april i got a sore throat for 3 days. i had a mild head ache for a week then it happened. my left knee and ankle would give out randomly. it got so bad i couldnt walk 500 feet without terrible pain. then my right hip swelled up and i became almost crippled. for ten weeks through to june i had to hobble around like a 100 year old man.

i had to sleep in queer positions to minimize the discomfort. my teeth hurt as if every molar and incisor and bicuspid had raging cavities.

booze helped moderate the pain. but i couldnt drink every day. alcohol is expensive. i couldnt figger out what was wrong with me until i read about chikun gunya. it is a virus spread from victim to victim by mosquitoes. it comes from africa. international air travel spreads the disease.

i had to limp for about 8 weeks. i walked tilted over to the right. my face was grimaced in pain. i noticed lots of other people doing the same thing.

there is no cure. you just have to ride it out. now i worry about ebola. although chikun gunya is very painful and crippling it is temporary. only a very small percentage of victims die from complications. ebola has a 56% mortality rate. SHIT! i hope the current occupant of the white house gets chikun gunya. i hope duck cheney gets chikun gunya. i hope every member of congress gets chikun gunya. i hope ever member of every BOE in every community gets chikun gunya. i hope every tax assessor get gets chikun gunya. i hope every wall street bankster gets chikun gunya. i hope all the cops in ferguson,mi get chikun gunya.

i hope bloomberg gets chikun gunya. i hope bill gates get chikun gunya. i hope every one who worked on obamacare gets chikun gunya. i hope every medical insurance provider from CEO to phone clerk get chikun short i wish it on my worst enemy and the guy who cut me off on the super highway.

i hope every gang member gets it. now i could of sed that i wish all those people got ebola but that aint good enough. mebbe they die and end thier misery without learning nuthin.yessir! chikun gunya is just the ticket. youu see, they may have a cure for ebola but there aint no cure for chikun gunya.



why robin williams kilt hizzelf

foe shizzle! he couldnt handle bean an uhmerikan. yup, dat is the short hared answer. look at any of hiz you tube videos and dee answer is stairing in yur face. evidence of the old glaz balls.

what robin wuz doin wuz trying to get hiz fandom to think about the kurrent kondition. he couched hiz observations in satirical irony we perceived to be “comedy”.

uhmerika is done. stick a fork in our collective ass and turn us over.

fame, money, adoration amounted to a hill of beans. i suspect r.w. didnt have no imagination. why not build pyramids in the dessert or send mess ages to the stars.

did hiz alimony have sumpin to do wiff it? is ex wife guilty of murder? what is she doin wiff all dat money?

isnt dat part of the uhmerikan conundrum? too much money in too few hands?

some say he wuz tryn to jack off in a queer sort of auto erotic ritual. i warnt dere and i aint privy to hiz perverted habits.

SHIT! i iz glade i iz poe and aint got no reason to kill me self in such a fashion. i decided to kill myself through old age and experience the decay of the body. i want to become a burden on society like george carlin.

robin should have profited off of bean a surly curmudgeon.

which begs the question, why doesnt president O!bama do likewise? mebbe he does but dere is always an SS man to pull him down befoe he does hizzelf in. so it goes.

those obnoxious aliens

here’s a plug for futurama. it’s an uhmerikan cartoon show. high brows like to call it animation. it’s about a guy who delivers pizza to a cryogenic lab, falls into a chamber and awakens 1000 years later. good crazy stuff. time travel, dimensions, clones, aliens. check it out.

but i want to discuss those obnoxious aliens. it’s a japanese cartoon show. high brows like to call it manga or anime.  futurama is still in production. it wuz canceled and bought back. it made some stand alone movies and even did episodes again. TOA however is totally in reruns. 195 episodes over 10 years. 12 stand alone episodes and 6 movies, i think.

well…TOA beats out futurama but by only a tiny bit. TOA is way better than the simpsons. the simpsons do have some really good premises. thinking man’s fluff.

the black hole myth

i dont beleive in black holes. i suspect that scientists havent observed all the elements necessary that are producing the phenomena. i think that the universe is electric. space isnt empty it’s full of electricity and therefore magnetism.

still some descriptions  of black hole behavior are useful. the event horizon. it is sort of a point of no return. scientists say that a really big black hole can have a “soft” event horizon where tidal forces wont shear objects apart. one would glide in unconcerned and be trapped with no escape.

has uhmerika entered such an event horizon viz-a-viz it’s economic and ecological unsustainablity?

1 N= 1 kg·m/s2

the EM space drive everyone is talking about consumed 15 watts of energy to produce about 72 grams of thrust (chinese version).

another test produced 30 to 50 micronewtons, which is a pitiful amount.

as the technology stands it can be used for course correction thrusters.
even if a space ship had a mass of many metric tons such a drive would continue to speed up as energy is supplied to the drive. however it would take a very long time to reach high velocity.

and…one would have to reverse thrust at a mid point to slow down.

1 N= 1 kg·m/s2 you can do the math for a space ship of many tons. maybe the technology is scalable. 1.5 kilowatts would allow 7200 grams of thrust or
7.2 N. that sounds respectable. the articles i read didnt say how big the device is. would one need a gigantic device to get decent output? how many billions of dollars would need to be spent to make it practicable?

forty years to the nearest star? hmmm, 80 more than likely. a human lifetime. sounds like a good kick stater project.

quantum vacuum plasma thruster

yeah, by bouncing microwaves around inside a container thrust was achieved, about 30-50 micro-Newtons. this is enough to send a craft 4 light years in only 30 years.

a proof of concept by NASA confirmed the effect. it has not been scaled up yet into any sort of  actual space flight between the earth and anywhere else.

let us be clear here. this is no “warp drive” of star trak fantasy.

the new horizon spacecraft nearing the pluto mini planet system is using ion drives. it was launched in 2006 and wont get there until 2015. that is nine years in my book. ion thrusters were a big deal and heralded as a new breakthrough technology for propulsion.

the main difference between ion power and quantum vacuum plasma thruster is that ion drive has to carry fuel and an energy source to ionize it while quantum vacuum plasma thruster only has to carry an energy source and no fuel.

right now new horizon is the faster thing we got.

will WW3 get in the way of space exploration? will WW3 disrupt the jet setting lifestyle of astronomers? will we carry ebola to the stars? will the oceans die before an elite crew leave the dying planet?