why robin williams kilt hizzelf

foe shizzle! he couldnt handle bean an uhmerikan. yup, dat is the short hared answer. look at any of hiz you tube videos and dee answer is stairing in yur face. evidence of the old glaz balls.

what robin wuz doin wuz trying to get hiz fandom to think about the kurrent kondition. he couched hiz observations in satirical irony we perceived to be “comedy”.

uhmerika is done. stick a fork in our collective ass and turn us over.

fame, money, adoration amounted to a hill of beans. i suspect r.w. didnt have no imagination. why not build pyramids in the dessert or send mess ages to the stars.

did hiz alimony have sumpin to do wiff it? is ex wife guilty of murder? what is she doin wiff all dat money?

isnt dat part of the uhmerikan conundrum? too much money in too few hands?

some say he wuz tryn to jack off in a queer sort of auto erotic ritual. i warnt dere and i aint privy to hiz perverted habits.

SHIT! i iz glade i iz poe and aint got no reason to kill me self in such a fashion. i decided to kill myself through old age and experience the decay of the body. i want to become a burden on society like george carlin.

robin should have profited off of bean a surly curmudgeon.

which begs the question, why doesnt president O!bama do likewise? mebbe he does but dere is always an SS man to pull him down befoe he does hizzelf in. so it goes.


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