some more ebola facts

this is an important public service announcement under fair use doctrine referring to important public issues.

form AP:

The report, published online Wednesday by the New England Journal of Medicine, is from 47 doctors, nurses and others who cared for 106 patients at Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, one of the West African countries hardest hit by the Ebola epidemic.

Key findings:

-It can be hard even in an outbreak setting to tell who has Ebola. Of the 213 people initially tested for signs of a hemorrhagic fever, about half, or 106, turned out to have Ebola.

-The estimated incubation period was 6 to 12 days, similar to what has been seen elsewhere in this outbreak.

-Fever was the most common symptom – 89 percent had it when diagnosed. Other symptoms were headache (80 percent), weakness (66 percent), dizziness (60 percent), diarrhea (51 percent), abdominal pain (40 percent), and vomiting (34 percent). Only one patient had bleeding, one of the most gruesome symptoms, but researchers say other cases may have been missed through incomplete record-keeping. Patients with weakness, dizziness and diarrhea were more likely to die.

-Those with more virus in their blood when they sought medical care, indicating more advanced infections, were more likely to die than those who got help when their illness was less far along.


In particular, it shows the advantage of youth – the fatality rate was only 57 percent for patients under 21, but a whopping 94 percent for those over 45.

editor’s note: isnt that last sentence scary? a real hero/heroine would submit to a 21 day quarantine out of compassion for those not infected. to do less is the act of an unmitigated heel.



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Kaci Hickox, dumb donkey

president O!bama and a bunch of media outlets described Kaci Hickox and other returning medical workers from ebola ravaged countries as compassionate. they say if we quarantine them on return no one would want to go. wouldnt that indicate how serious and severe the situation is? wouldnt that make these so called compassionate heroes/heroines prudent to follow guidelines to reduce the spread of the contagion?

wouldnt a truly compassionate person submit to a 21 day quarantine to make sure he/she didnt have a deadly disease? wouldnt a compassionate person chose a short temporary isolation to make sure that others didnt get sick? how about making sure the compassionate helath care worker isnt sick?

doesnt Kaci Hickox have any compassion for me? the fact that  i dont think i have ebola now and i would not want to get in the future?

wouldnt a compassionate person who may have been exposed to a deadly disease due to the fact he/she has been in a contagion area working closely with sick people want to be sure he/she isnt sick or spreading the disease?

if that person says he/she is compassionate but doesnt want to observers prudent measures then i say that person is not compassionate. that person is a dumb donkey. i dont wan to chuck folks in FEMA concentration camps like uhmerika did to japanese uhmerikans. i dont want to O!press anyone becuz they are different. but when a deadly disease has a 21 day incubation period then i say some one who was in a country suffering from such a disease should expect as normal and prudent and good protocol to be quarantined for the incubation period when entering any place that doenst have the disease.

there is a lot of misinformation about ebola. there are conflicting “facts”. let us look at two facts that are well known and not debatable.

fact one: you bleed from every orifice.

fact two: there is a 30 to 50 percent survival rate (fully 50 to 70 percent of the people who contract ebola DIE!).

those two facts alone would make any “compassionate” medical worker prudent indeed. a 21 day quarantine  seems so trivial for any hero/ heroine to put up with.  would a true hero complain of a 21 day isolation to ensure the safety of the society he/ she is returning to? a society that here to fore had no reported instances of this deadly disease?

are  we to accept “X” amount of fatalities becuz this group of people are considered “compassionate” heroes/heroines? sounds like bullshit to me.

well? i say prez O!bama and all the other enablers have an agenda that doesnt care how many folks contract ebola.

it cost $500,000 to treat ebola if some one dies from it and much much more if that person survives ebola. ebola is good for the economy.


crispy crisp chickens out

yeah, usa today sed it.  Hickox to be released and sent to maine. she wuz gonna sue to preserve her right to spread infectious diseases .


to corpulent goobernator of the grape state of new jerky:

looks like you got slapped down what with the release of Hickox.

this is gonna hurt yur run for president big time. maybe you best just vice up to jeb bush.

i knew it was all too good to be true. didnt the white house tell you an coumo to release that broad?

now any and all comers can sally forth to uhmerika and only be quarantined after they show symptoms and are contagious.

why wouldnt a health care worker understand the need for caution? she saw first hand what ebola does, BLEEDING FROM EVERY ORIFICE! SIXTY TO SEVENTY PERCENT MORTALITY RATE!

i read that billions of dollars are to be made by drugs and treatments for ebola.

perhaps you read of recent reports that fully one in three jobs are to vanish never to return. fast food joints are developing and introducing burger flipping robots.

what i think is that one in three citizens are to vanish never to return. not by using concentration camps but by using ebola to depopulate.

one can only hope that at least one in three politicians will completely vanish never to return.

maybe ebola will have some useful function after all.

Hickox is not a returning heroin she is a dumb donkey.

luckily the federal goobermint has stock piled all those plastic coffins. looks like they are about to come in handy.

the real reason for ebola

hold onto yur hats. boys and girls. here is the real reason for ebola in uhmerika and the foolish response from the federal goobermint:

“Drug makers are racing to develop vaccines and drugs to address the worst outbreak of Ebola in history. It’s unclear who will pay for their products, but companies are betting that governments and aid groups will foot the bill.”

this is from a major news outlet, the AP.

certain people are to become filthy rich while millions suffer and die. there is the reason for ebola. the head of the CDC is against quarantine. now you know why. he stands to make millions of dollars.

” Experts say drug makers are wagering that international groups and wealthier governments like the U.S. will buy Ebola vaccines and drugs in mass quantities to stockpile them for future use once they’re deemed safe.

“The political bet is that the U.S. and World Health Organization have been so embarrassed and burned by this event that they will be willing to change the way they do business,” said Professor Lawrence Gostin of the Georgetown University Law School, who studies global health issues.”

CDC Director Tom Frieden:

“This week I announced the first Ebola case diagnosed in the US. I have been asked whether we should stop travel to Liberia. The answer is no: to keep Americans and people in non-affected countries safe, we must continue to work to support efforts to stop the spread of Ebola in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. One strategy that won’t stop this epidemic is isolating affected countries or sealing borders. When countries are isolated, it is harder to get medical supplies and personnel deployed to stop the spread of Ebola. And even when governments restrict travel and trade, people in affected countries still find a way to move and it is even harder to track them systematically.

Involuntary quarantine and isolation of communities and regions within countries will also backfire. Restricting travel or trade to and from a community makes it harder to control in the isolated area, eventually putting the rest of the country at even greater risk. Isolating communities also increases people’s distrust of government, making them less likely to co-operate to help stop the spread of Ebola.” (sounds like an enabler to me)

the world community can isolate a country and still allow humanitarian aid. that i am not opposed to. to allow free and unrestricted travel will “INCREASE PUBLIC DISTRUST IN GOOBERMINT”.it has for me already. what the fuck are these people thinking of? why profit and billions of dollars. death and suffering is just a byproduct. what about the iraq sanctions? or other nations such as syria or lybia or even russia? no one cared if thousands suffered or died from those sanctions.

returning health care workers are NOT  heroes if they spread the disease in populations that were free of it.

these african nations are poor, very poor. how did those folks get to afford airline tickets? mebbe they had arrived in uhmerika before onset of epidemic but continue to travel back and forth. the vast majority cannot hope to afford a air line ticket. how will they find a way out?

if the USA had to have a massive air lift to drop food and supplies to these closed countries i would not object to that. after all, the USA sees fit to drop supplies to armed forces in areas of combat like ISIS which recently intercepted a drop intended for some other armed group. it’s all fucked up. you cant convince me otherwise.

the decisions have already been made. the money is already good as spent. expect to see many many many suffer and die. one must understand a few will become very very wealthy along with their minions and enablers who will prattle the line of bullshit to make it all sound proper.

what if one of the symptoms of ebola is to make you deny you have it? who is to say it doesnt effect yur brain and judgement? MIND CONTROL!

dignity and humanity

Kaci Hickox, the first traveler quarantined under Ebola watches in New Jersey and New York, wrote the first-person account for the Dallas Morning News:

“This is not a situation I would wish on anyone, and I am scared for those who will follow me,” Hickox wrote of her quarantine. “I am scared about how health care workers will be treated at airports when they declare that they have been fighting Ebola in West Africa. I am scared that, like me, they will arrive and see a frenzy of disorganization, fear and, most frightening, quarantine. … The U.S. must treat returning health care workers with dignity and humanity.”

what about my dignity and humanity? what of my wish to remain free of ebola or the threat of ebola? is kaci scared of the untold deaths that will occur from wide spread ebola contamination? well? is she? that doesnt enter into her philosophy?

how did ebola spread so wide and far in africa? why do health workers want to roam around free until they develop symptoms? and those numbers? 10,000 dead? try 100,000 or mebbe a million. when they say a 100,000 dead in 2015 they mean millions dead.

didnt these health workers see the carnage first hand? i say it very prudent to quarantine a few to save the many. officials with the CDC say health workers wont go if they face quarantine at return. hmmm. what did these health workers learn? very little.

these health workers are going into an epidemic situation. then they leave and want to pretend that the risks dont pertain to themselves. “In the very early stages of Ebola, patients may still test negative because the virus has not yet reached detectable levels in the blood. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it may take up to three days after the onset of symptoms for the virus to reach detectable levels in some patients, prompting repeat testing in some cases.”

of course workers should be treated with dignity. i wish i can be treated with dignity every time i go to the division of motor vehicles or any other goobermint agency. i read about the way the TSA and DHS treat people. how about out of control SWAT teams? yeah, dignity and humanity.

still doctors should not be spreading a disease after probable contact. why go somewhere to help and then spread on return and then complain about it?  i think any health care worker would accept the need for quarantine to protect the public safety.

the problem of ebola is the high mortality rate of 50 to 70 percent. sure, common flu kills thousands but millions recover. look at the way ebola kills you. you bleed from EVERY orifice. doesnt sound very dignified or humane. holy shit! put dat dumb ass lady in quarantine. shut the fuck up!

i live in the grape state of new jerky. my goobernator is the corpulent crispy crisp. he is not my fav pussin. still what he sed made sense:

“I don’t believe when you’re dealing with something as serious as this that we can count on a voluntary system. This is government’s job. If anything else, the government job is to protect safety and health of our citizens,” said Christie, who is expected to run for the Republican nomination for president in 2016. “And so, we’ve taken this action, and I absolutely have no second thoughts about it.”

ebola may knock him down as well as me or anyone else.

i red reports of weaponized ebola and secret  bio labs in africa. who can say what detestable experiments have been going on?

i truly believe the the federal goobermint wants ebola to be introduced into uhmerika.

how about recent reports of 1 in 3 jobs disappearing in 15 yeers? what of robotic burger flippers? mebbe TPTB have already started the depopulation agenda. mebbe 1 in 3 workers will be dead in 15 yeers. why did the goobermint stock pile hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins a few yeers back? just being prudent?

you have to understand we are talking about the uhmerikan goobermint, the same goobermint that marched it’s own soldiers into ground zero atom bomb tests in the nevada dessert. yeah, that goobermint. then the goobermint denied it for decades as the soldiers got sick from cancer. same goobermint that sed 9-11 ground zero wuz safe and now many 1st responders are dead.

FART! i say! FART!






uhmerikan ebola panique

i live in duh grape state of new jerky which is right next to the grape state of  new yerk. i haz often visited dat grape metropolis. here are the facts.

it is a dirty smelly place. often the subways smell of urine. the handrails are disgusting. everything haz grime on it. when i stop into a modest eatery i haz to wash my hands. they may look clean but a dab of soap and some water always washes off as gray (or is it grey?).

i haz to force myself not to touch my eyes or mouth.

tourist or down and out locals think nothing of puking in some corner or right in the middle of the sidewalk. one haz to keep one’s wits anout hiz/her self not to step in it. puke is as common as dog shit. often public trash cans are over flowing. there are wind blown piles of garbage. it isnt a complete hell hole. there sanitation crews attending these things.

i myself have seen rats at night in the shadows of the freedom tower.

mass transit can often be packed to the simile of  the sardine can. where ever you go, say a museum, the glass panels are smeared and funky with finger prints and nose prints.

i am almost shore i got sick once from going to nyc. flu like symptoms, sore throat, head ache, weakness. nothing serious. mebbe ill fro a week or ten days. considering how often i went i guess i didnt get much sick at all.

i haznt gone much lately since august of 2014. the main reason is economic. the best way to get there from here is the fairy. the fairy is a boat across the hudson river. what wiff parking and round trip it is 3 times as expensive as the bus.

it is very queer that the bus is almost never crowded going into the city but almost always crowded returning. the port autority bus terminal is a seething mass of humanity scurrying to and fro. then one must queue up and wait for the return bus. sometimes, most time one has to wait for the next bus becuz the first one is full to capacity.

all sorts of people are there, short, fat, tall, thin, old, young, white, black, pink wiff purple polka dots, healthy and sick people. gentle reader please understand these bio hazard areas are at the transportation hubs. mostly the city is reasonable clean. it’s not very clean or exceptionally clean, just reasonably clean. some parts may by accident be very clean. i’m talking about manhattan. other districts of the city i haz ben in only briefly. the parts i saw are about the same.

for the overwhelming masses that tramp through the place is it is clean. still, i think i shall avoid the place. after 9-11 the city wuz almost empty. that wuz a one off “terror” attack, by whom i cannot pin point. it remained empty form many months. well, a continuing and evolving threat such as a biological hazard is just sumpin totally different.

i haznt gone in myself and dont plan to for the foreseeable future. praps it is goan to be empty agin. all i know is dat the city is not a sanitary place. it haz a certain funk about it. folks dat live deer are laid back about thangs. i caint control what i touch or what may bump into me. i say a prudent pussin wood avoid such an environment.

i like the city. i like to do photo ops. well, i haz decided to delay such activities .there may be an ebola virus wiff my name on it sent “special delivery” which may strike me down in my home town or going to work. i work in pottysum new jerky which is another funky uhmerikan town.

barring dat development i think i can make a  decision based on risk management and just stay out of nyc.

recently some doktor returned from africa assisting ebola victims. he went on the subway and took a cab and went bowling. then he turned hizzelf in becuz he got (had all along) ebola. the goobermint, in it’s infinite wisdom, sez he warnt contagious. i dont plan on meeting anyone like him or even any six degrees of contact. fuck the goobermint and what they say.

i am not a doktor nor do i portray one on tv. still i wood recommend you stay out of nyc. why? becuz ebola haz a 50 to 70 percent fatality rate. it may be tough to catch but the odds are once you got it yur dade! of course, the hoards may flee nyc to escape the epidemic and end up spreading it all over.

some at-tommik reactor melted down in japan a few yeers back. it is contaminating the entire pacific ocean. i suspect it may abort the monkey sphere just as much as the ebola virus. talk about the double whammy. dead monkeys every where.

you doan like bean called a monkey?  i’ll jest call you a primate. same difference.  50 to 70 percent of  youse are still dead. planet of the dead funky monkey apes. OOO-OOO-OOO, AAA-AAA-AAA, EEE-EEE-EEE!

i submit to you, what if elon musk gets ebola and dies? the the earth fucked him. steve jobs had billions of dollars and it didnt help him any. he’s dead. rich or poor, it’s 50 to 70 percent you die.

look on the bright side, 50 to 70 percent of congress is dead. HOO_RAY! bring it on!