fuck elon musk

yeah! fuck ‘im. dat rat bassit. elon musk sez, “FUCK Earth!” elon wants to send one million humans to mars to save humanity. in the process he will destroy the earth for the rest of us left behind.

isnt that the dirty secret behind star track? for every star ship launched so many millions of acres are rendered uninhabitable. elon musk wants to lay waste to vast areas of dee erff to go set up camp in a waste land.

i submit to you that elon musk is an asshole. AN ASSHOLE!

mars aint the kind of place to raise a kid, in fact it is cold as hell. rocket man!

i red dat moon dust is an irritant to human biology. i red dat mars dirt is just as irritating. elon wants to leave the erff and go to a nasty place where folks has to live under ground and mutate into trolls.

the erff is trash and used up by greed and mismanagement. let’s rape it some more and go to mars and start “afresh”. yeah, right. mars will be populated with the biggest assholes humanity can produce.

no walks in the park. no beeches to stroll under or beaches to stroll along. no birds singing in the trees. NO BLUE SKY! constant bombardment of cosmic rays and micrometeorites. no rain to fall on the just and unjust. no manna from heaven. no oxygen.

let’s save the erff? let’s remake it? let’s control our lust and greed? no can do. i dont think elon musk can sell enough tesla electric autos to eco nazis to fund a trip to mars let alone create a self sustaining colony of ONE MILLION HUMAN ASSHOLES.

elon musk’s problem is dat he is a rich uhmerikan who thinks money can buy him everything he wants. elon musk isnt looking at the whole earth picture. he has no concept of the big blue marble. no pale blue dot for him, no sir!

rich uhmerikans want sumpin and dey don kair wat dee consequences are. how many giant holes in the ground must he dig for hiz space fleet? how much poison will he dump into the air and ground and water to achieve his goal?

elon musk intends to destroy this ecosystem to create a totally artificial one on mars and maintain it. isnt dat ironic?

i wonder if ebola will also hitch a ride to mars? will elon bring cockroaches with him? how about marijuana? i think elon needs to eat a big plate of pot brownies to get the cobwebs out of his mind. alcohol will make the trip with humans to mars. i want to know who will be the first human to get drunk on mars.

and what of the LGBT community? is there a place for them on mars? recreational sex leading to procreation to maintain the million man and woman march across the solar system? or just recreational sex?

who will be the first human murdered on mars? who will be the first human raped on mars? who will be the first child abused on mars? will bullying be allowed on mars? will there be death squads? lying, cheating. stealing?

will there be a martian elite and a martian under class? will there be a living minimum wage on mars? will there be homeless people on mars? what will happen with the elderly or the sick and infirm? will there be universal and affordable health care?

if you put one million humans together in one place will there be terrorism or warfare? will there be oppression? how about slavery? indentured servitude? who will be dictator? elon musk? some other CEO?

elon musk is setting his sights too close to home, i suggest uranus. YOUR ANUS! RIGHT UP THE WAH-ZOO!


p.s. elon musk is a white nigger.


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