why ebola in uhmerika?

IT’S THE MONEY, STUPID! dat one camera man in knee brazk key haz already racked up $500,000 in medical bills even iffen he dies. so iffen he lives it’s even more. the CDC and dee white house haz told horse pit alls to think ebola (and all the money they can make!).

less us suppose dat jest ONE MILLION  uhmerikans  get ebola. what is one million times one million? in uhmerika dat wood be ONE TRILLION DOLLARS! yeah, now you know why deer is ebola in uhmerika. fuck citizens dying. deer is money to be made, serious money.

i red a report dat deer is a 70% death rate in africa. wiff first world medical kair in uhmerika it improves to 56% death rate. the DHS has figgered on 200 million casualties in uhmerika (witch is why “we” knead illegal immigration from souff of dee border).

in hard hit africa the cadaver collectors went on strike becuz the goobermint didnt want to pay dem. reports of bodies lying in dee streets, yet reports of ONLY 4000 deaths. i think they meant 400,000 dead. we will all know how it stands by the new year of 2015.

i sawr a steven king movie about this 30 yeers ago. but this is what we want. and this is what we get. flying cars, nope. moon bases, nope. star ships, nope. death and destruction, yep.

you can forget about the singularity and cloaks of invisibility. forget about colonies on mars. kiss yur ass goodbye! yeah, gaz o leen drops below 3 bucks a gallon and hedz to 2 bucks? well, youse be ded be foe you can drive sommerz.

you doan think dat O! bummer and biden aint got the real vaccine already already? you are gonna get the fake vaccine. becuz dat iz dee way it works.

deer are burger flipper robots and soft ware to replace stock brokers. fully 1 in 3 jobs to vanish in 15 yeers becuz 1 in 3 piplz will vanish in 15 yeers.

welcome to dee future BITCH! you wont be in it.

are you doing gawdz work? praze dee load! mofo!

duck cheney crawled out from under hiz rock, jest like patrick star fish, and sez we must spend more on defense, even iffen we really want to spend it on bridges and roadz. and this is why we iz all fucked, becuz we have “leaders” like duck cheney. when is satan goan to call him home? when are dumb assed uhmerikans goan to stop lissening to fucktards like dat?

answer: when everyone iz ded. dat’s when. NIGGAH!




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