scorched erph-fuck erph

during the uhmeikan civil war of the mid 19th century general sherman cut a swath of destruction through dixie known as “scorched earth”. it is one of the standard practices of modern uhmerikan warfare. destroy everything, also know as, “bombing them back into the stone age”.

does elon musk want to scorch the erph to get his million man colony on mars? is it worth sending the rest of us left behind into the stone age? elon musk haz ben quoted as saying, “FUCK ERPH!”, even though he laffs after he sez it. but mebbe the joke is he really means it.

i recently red an ark tea cull on ( about mars and the comet visiting for oct 2014. i quote James Oberg, “In hindsight, sophisticated reliability assessments, which properly assessed Apollo mission success at 80 percent and crew survival at 95 percent, when applied to even the best humans-to-Mars strategies, gave the likelihood of success at less than 5 percent and of crew survival as less than 50 percent. We didn’t even know how much we didn’t know.

But was that really an excuse for not even seriously trying? It’s not as if we couldn’t have afforded it. Did not trying to get humans to Mars really saved the world’s governments any serious money?”

well, i submit to you that any and all money “saved” by not trying to get to mars wuz squandered by the various world goobermints. what was it wasted on? eliminating poverty? improving world hygiene? proper management of resources and growth? nope. it wuz squandered on endless war and lust for profits.

that is the current paradigm. put simply, to make the most money by exploiting people and the environment without any regard for long term consequences.

then there is mars one, a dutch consortium. however james vicent throws a wet blanket on the eye deer. he sez colonists will start dying in 68 days ( did anyone send the memo to elon musk? mars aint the kid of place to raise the kids, in fact it’s cold as hell.

i be an uhmerikan which is purely an accident of birff. i haz me a ring side seat for the freek show. no one lissens to me. i have no control to change course for sumpin better or or more humane. i haz to go to work every day to “maintain myuhmerikan  lifestyle” which involves driving a car and paying outrageous property taxes.

i can think globally but i can only act locally. anything i can do can be negated by an unexpected and unforeseen event. ebola is such an event. how about fracking? think of the entire underground water supply rendered undrinkable by “cheney juice”. on  the plus side lunkhead fartin haz announced a break though in small scale fusion power generation. possibly a game changer.

so how does humankind get out of the cradle and not keep all it’s eggs in one basket? there’s only one big blue marble. should we destroy it to escape it? jest axing. should top men and the smartest minds be pondering that? any who say sacrifice the place of birff for outward expansion is, well, not very smart at all and suspect. i call bullshit.


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