uhmerikan ebola panique

i live in duh grape state of new jerky which is right next to the grape state of  new yerk. i haz often visited dat grape metropolis. here are the facts.

it is a dirty smelly place. often the subways smell of urine. the handrails are disgusting. everything haz grime on it. when i stop into a modest eatery i haz to wash my hands. they may look clean but a dab of soap and some water always washes off as gray (or is it grey?).

i haz to force myself not to touch my eyes or mouth.

tourist or down and out locals think nothing of puking in some corner or right in the middle of the sidewalk. one haz to keep one’s wits anout hiz/her self not to step in it. puke is as common as dog shit. often public trash cans are over flowing. there are wind blown piles of garbage. it isnt a complete hell hole. there sanitation crews attending these things.

i myself have seen rats at night in the shadows of the freedom tower.

mass transit can often be packed to the simile of  the sardine can. where ever you go, say a museum, the glass panels are smeared and funky with finger prints and nose prints.

i am almost shore i got sick once from going to nyc. flu like symptoms, sore throat, head ache, weakness. nothing serious. mebbe ill fro a week or ten days. considering how often i went i guess i didnt get much sick at all.

i haznt gone much lately since august of 2014. the main reason is economic. the best way to get there from here is the fairy. the fairy is a boat across the hudson river. what wiff parking and round trip it is 3 times as expensive as the bus.

it is very queer that the bus is almost never crowded going into the city but almost always crowded returning. the port autority bus terminal is a seething mass of humanity scurrying to and fro. then one must queue up and wait for the return bus. sometimes, most time one has to wait for the next bus becuz the first one is full to capacity.

all sorts of people are there, short, fat, tall, thin, old, young, white, black, pink wiff purple polka dots, healthy and sick people. gentle reader please understand these bio hazard areas are at the transportation hubs. mostly the city is reasonable clean. it’s not very clean or exceptionally clean, just reasonably clean. some parts may by accident be very clean. i’m talking about manhattan. other districts of the city i haz ben in only briefly. the parts i saw are about the same.

for the overwhelming masses that tramp through the place is it is clean. still, i think i shall avoid the place. after 9-11 the city wuz almost empty. that wuz a one off “terror” attack, by whom i cannot pin point. it remained empty form many months. well, a continuing and evolving threat such as a biological hazard is just sumpin totally different.

i haznt gone in myself and dont plan to for the foreseeable future. praps it is goan to be empty agin. all i know is dat the city is not a sanitary place. it haz a certain funk about it. folks dat live deer are laid back about thangs. i caint control what i touch or what may bump into me. i say a prudent pussin wood avoid such an environment.

i like the city. i like to do photo ops. well, i haz decided to delay such activities .there may be an ebola virus wiff my name on it sent “special delivery” which may strike me down in my home town or going to work. i work in pottysum new jerky which is another funky uhmerikan town.

barring dat development i think i can make a  decision based on risk management and just stay out of nyc.

recently some doktor returned from africa assisting ebola victims. he went on the subway and took a cab and went bowling. then he turned hizzelf in becuz he got (had all along) ebola. the goobermint, in it’s infinite wisdom, sez he warnt contagious. i dont plan on meeting anyone like him or even any six degrees of contact. fuck the goobermint and what they say.

i am not a doktor nor do i portray one on tv. still i wood recommend you stay out of nyc. why? becuz ebola haz a 50 to 70 percent fatality rate. it may be tough to catch but the odds are once you got it yur dade! of course, the hoards may flee nyc to escape the epidemic and end up spreading it all over.

some at-tommik reactor melted down in japan a few yeers back. it is contaminating the entire pacific ocean. i suspect it may abort the monkey sphere just as much as the ebola virus. talk about the double whammy. dead monkeys every where.

you doan like bean called a monkey?  i’ll jest call you a primate. same difference.  50 to 70 percent of  youse are still dead. planet of the dead funky monkey apes. OOO-OOO-OOO, AAA-AAA-AAA, EEE-EEE-EEE!

i submit to you, what if elon musk gets ebola and dies? the the earth fucked him. steve jobs had billions of dollars and it didnt help him any. he’s dead. rich or poor, it’s 50 to 70 percent you die.

look on the bright side, 50 to 70 percent of congress is dead. HOO_RAY! bring it on!


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