crispy crisp chickens out

yeah, usa today sed it.  Hickox to be released and sent to maine. she wuz gonna sue to preserve her right to spread infectious diseases .


to corpulent goobernator of the grape state of new jerky:

looks like you got slapped down what with the release of Hickox.

this is gonna hurt yur run for president big time. maybe you best just vice up to jeb bush.

i knew it was all too good to be true. didnt the white house tell you an coumo to release that broad?

now any and all comers can sally forth to uhmerika and only be quarantined after they show symptoms and are contagious.

why wouldnt a health care worker understand the need for caution? she saw first hand what ebola does, BLEEDING FROM EVERY ORIFICE! SIXTY TO SEVENTY PERCENT MORTALITY RATE!

i read that billions of dollars are to be made by drugs and treatments for ebola.

perhaps you read of recent reports that fully one in three jobs are to vanish never to return. fast food joints are developing and introducing burger flipping robots.

what i think is that one in three citizens are to vanish never to return. not by using concentration camps but by using ebola to depopulate.

one can only hope that at least one in three politicians will completely vanish never to return.

maybe ebola will have some useful function after all.

Hickox is not a returning heroin she is a dumb donkey.

luckily the federal goobermint has stock piled all those plastic coffins. looks like they are about to come in handy.


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