i bought a canon powershot g15. i waited for the g16 to come out. identical except the g15 DOES NOT have wifi. it wus discounted being discontinued.

g15 haz 5x f/1.8-f/2.8 zoom lens. 12 megapixels. full manual mode. aluminum body. it takes great photos. the photos are better than any other point and shoot i own. of course DSLRs i own do much better but they have bigger chips and when i got the DSLRs new they cost almost double what the g15 did.

the g15 is small but not too small. it would fit in a coat pocket. it is light weight. the only disadvanage it has is the short zoom. i have point and shoots with longer zooms, smaller, lighter and well, crappier.

i bought the g15 because of it’s fast lens. canon makes a tele converter for the g15. it is the TC-DC58E. it discounts these days for a little under $180. an earlier powershot, the g12 has a tele converter the TD-DC58D. it discounts for under $100.

i did some research. on line retailers show both models. the look exactly the same except for the designation.

i bought the conversion lens adapter barrel, that was cheap, about 35 bucks. i bought it from one retailer and the tele converter from another.

the “D” tele converter works on the g15 without a hitch. i saved myself 80 bucks. pretty slick, huh?

this add on is of the highest optical quality. it makes the 5x a 7x. of course when you zoom out you get the stove pipe effect. it is ideal for concerts and zoos and other public events when getting close is not practical. it is all plastic housing for light weight. it doesnt add much to the g15 and handles well.

other after market tele converters of higher magnification are available for about the same price to much more. reviews are spotty on them. i am glad i bought the TC-DC58D.


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