latest rant to DC rat rep

nov 2, 2014

today is sunday and THE RECORD ( local newspaper) has the results of how our reps voted in congress. every sunday i see your agenda how you vote against me.

maybe once or twice you vote for something good for the people so you can actually say you did but overwhelmingly you vote against the people and my best interests. you vote for dump trucks of money to be given to wall street banksters and take money away from main street.

you always vote for more defense spending even though the pentagon cannot account for trillions of dollars.

i am not for dumbocrats nor for ratpublikans.

let us assume the ratpublikans control congress. the people want to throw the bums out and they happen to be dumbocrats. but…next time the people will throw the bums out and they will be ratpublikans.

i dont understand this paradigm. i suspect that both of youse, ratpublikans and dumbocrats, work for some other master than the uhmerikan people. it is only the illusion of choice. which begs the question, why do we have the choice of 10 different toilet papers but only two political parties?

still i am obliged to vote against you. i can only do this ONCE every two years while you can vote against me many many many times in two years. just doesnt seem fair.

who is roy cho any way? and who are you? i dont know any of my elected officials personally. i have to vote for strangers who have agendas that dont include me. you guys just have to convince me otherwise.

if the ratpublikans win control will i see any improvement? high paying jobs for all? much much lower taxes?

as it is the roads are only paved six weeks before elections. the rest of the 2 years i have to drive in pot holes.

will gasoline stay below $3/gal or now that some party is in control will it shoot up even higher to $4/gal?

will the ratpublikans start WW3? will any one end the many wars raging now?

will jeb bush and crispy crisp run on the people of walmart ticket?

if the ratpublikans were so great how come romney didnt win after bush?

if O!bama is so great why cant he sweep the midterms?

because both parties dont represent the uhmerikan public. the uhmerikan public is easily fooled. “everything that is wrong with uhmerika will be fixed if only the (insert the other political party here) get in!”

FART! FART I SAY! it will be BAU by TPTB no matter who wins and has the majority. the real losers will be the uhmerikan people who havent a clew that are being worked over.


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