the drab scum of routine

yeah, i goes to work, haz ben for a long time. it be so weary!

i take my work serious becuz dee job market is very much depressed. there are some, such as superintendents of skools, what can job hop and get big bucks and bonuses. duh rest of us haz to expect pay cuts.

i do QC which is quality control. i work with a bare bones minimal ISO 9000 system. that involves product improvement through monitoring and documenting defects. righty, RIGHT!

i have a spread sheets full of reports of what went wrong. yet the company keeps making the same mistakes. i have noticed that shipping and billing is more important than quality.

although i make just enough money to get by without undue duress, others i work with make considerable less. the boss man owner only hires unskilled workers who are willing to accept low wages.

the system at work is very lax with minimal oversight. i often mention to coworkers that if they had to work at real companies they would be unemployed. people come in late, take many days off, get intoxicated on the job and generally fuck things up.

management considers that fine and dandy. management does not want to give decent wages to trained and motivated workers. there are few old timers who are upset at the new comers but hey, what can you do?

i keep filling out rejection reports and shoving them in miss toe bigz in box. to cover my ass. i tell every one to double check hiz/her work. i tell them to take their time and do a good job. then the office manager tells them to hurry up and get the shit out with predictable results.

i dont know how long it will last. collapse looks certain. when a major customer cuts us off becuz of quality rejects then that’s it.

some customers are big on cosmetics. they dont want scratches or poor finish on the product. take yur self fer instance. when you got to buy a gizmo in dee store, even sumpin cheap made in  chiner, you expect the finish to be perfect. mebbe the dam dead thing only lasts six months but it looks good. you aint goan to buy  sumpin dinged or scratched or rusty. no sir!

often when i point out these cosmetic defects i iz over ruled becuz we are behind on delivery. the vendors who did the finishing took too long and new hwe have to ship. interestingly enough these same vendors are the ones applying the finish, paint, plating, silks screen etc.

only becuz the customer complains they let me send the shit back for rework to the vendor. but often we dont.

my boss bullies me, some coworkers bully but they dont see the big picture. these same people see the crap come back from the customer and dont think their job is at stake. i just keep filling out reports. to cover my ass.

one guy is so obnoxious the owner told me not do do rejection reports on him even though he makes the most mistakes! i understand he was fired from a few jobs becuz of hiz poor work ethic. he tells me i am threatening hiz lively hood by writing reports and tellling management about hiz mistakes. i think he is threatening hiz lively hood by making too many mistakes.

lately i have thought much on the amount of mistakes made. well, folks is getting high and not giving a fuck. yup, datz it! i aint a prude. i actually think the war on drugz iz a failure. still, i dont think workers or management should get high at work. do it after work or on weekends.

every job i worked at all these yeers i haz seen junkies and alcoholics and mentally ill folks working in every aspect of uhmerikan industry. it is chronic and endemic. even places that have drug screening before employment i have seen drug use on the job.

management often wonders why all the mistakes happen, the owner calls everyone  idiots, even though he hired them all.

lucklishly, my industry is non critical. but look at other industries such as space flight. in the span of 10 days 3 rockets blew up, two unmanned and one manned.  one guy died. i bet drugs are involved even if just through impaired decision making or having to meet a deadline. maybe lots of companies hire cheap labor to increase profits and cheap labor often gets high.

the collapse of umerika is a given, through wide spread drug use of an untrained, poorly paid work force and a management system that is shorted sighted to the next billing cycle.

anyone reading the news must have noted the many industrial accidents lately, trains carrying oil derailing, huge explosions at factories, horrific truck crashes on highways, product recalls on millions of vehicles, vast and wide spread food contamination.

it aint terrorism folks, it is jest wide spread drug use and a fuck it attitude of low paid workers. management who want profits “at any cost”. ebola is icing on the cake. try and tell me the guys at the white house aint on drugs.


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