latest rant to DC rat rep

i voted agianst you!

yup, becuz you vote against me over and over. i read that cho almost beat you. how much money did you have to spend to keep yur job? and who do you have to pay back? and how?

i didnt vote for cho, i voted for that other guy, mark d. quick. he is a stranger. i never met him. i never met cho, another stranger. but you are the strangest! and yes, i know nothing of you except yur voting record. THAT is scary.

i guess no one checks yur record. i dont know how you keep yur job being against the people so much and for big business.

it’s to yur advantage to have an ill informed electorate.

take veterans for instance. the head of the VA had to resign but all the heels who have secret waiting lists and killed of the vets got big bonuses. are you gonna ferret out those rats or will you reward them?

the pentagon cannot account for trillions of dollars. why cant we take care of our vets? personally, i dont believe in war.
any one who joins the military is just being used and abused while TPTB are amused.

think of how wonderful uhmerika would be if those unaccounted trillions of dollars were spent on infrastructure and renewable energy and education and health care.

instead no one knows where the money went. the kicker is “they” always need more and you are willing to give it to “them” while denying me.

do you have a cushy revolving door job at goldman sacks
lined up after you get out of congress?

when i awoked this morning i expected the streets to be paved with gold and money growing on trees. the GOP won.

still i haz to pay high taxes with nuthing in return.

i predict that the ratpublikans will have their hats handed to them just as the dumbocrats just had their hats handed to them.

becuz the electorate can chose between 10 different types of toilet paper but only chose between 2 political parties. meanwhile the secret shadow goobermint remains on course.

there is the illusion of change but no real change.


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