cheap oil bad for economy

well, cheap oil is bad for duck cheney’s economy not mine. mebbe if a barrel gets cheaper he will have a heart attack and die.

all the news outlets, the major main stream guys all have articles about how cheap oil is bad for the economy. i remember reading articles at those same outlets bemoaning the fact that expensive oil will destroy the economy.

i figger dat rich people with vested interest in high oil prices bribe the major news outlets to run articles extolling the virtues of high oil prices.

for example, it’s good for me, a factory worker, to pay high gaz-o-leen prices. it’s good that truckers and other distribution transportation (for food deliveries or cheap crap from china) pass along their costs for high oil to the stores who pass along their costs to me. that’s good! double plus good.

but when oil is cheap and prices drop on food and other items that is bad. BAD! BAD! BAD!

i dont get it. i do understand that folks with lots of money will try and brain wash me to believe what they think i should beleive.

in uhmerika there is only one game in town, oil. the uhmerikan way of life of wasting everything depends on it. when oil runs out then uhmerika dies. until then, PARTAY!

i dont understand why a guy who has billions of dollars wants more, especially if he has to get it by taking everyone else’s dollars.

i work in a factory. i only make so much money. i have very little on no benefits. if i am lucky i can stay at the same level i am now. i dont see much advancement in salary. if i had more money i could waste it on more things. i do have some debt, just enough for a credit history. but high wages for workers is bad but high incomes for billionaires is good.

HAH! the uhmerikan goobermint just announced it had spent ONE TRILLION DOLLARS(!) for the war in afghanistan. hot dam. jest think of all the electric cars and solar panels and wind mills and storage bat-trees a feller could have bought wiff dat. instead it wuz spent on a war not won.

of course it warnt spent on the war, no, of course not. some how most of that money went into the pockets of men like duck cheney who complain the low price of oil is bad for the economy. FART!

what ever the real reason i catch a break for a spell. who can say how long it will last? what is the real condition of the planet’s oil reserve? should we really be pumping all that out? should we really be at war with each other?

i read things just a year ago and now the exact reverse is happening. newspeak must be in full force. as long as uhmerikans can buy food at wally mart and cheap liquor and illegal drugs and drive cars and talk on smart phones about dumb things then they wont give a rat’s ass about the true state of affairs.


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