winter storm snot locker

the first major storm of 2015 is named juno. what a lame name. i renamed it snot locker which sounds more menacing and messy.

“they” (the various forecasters) sed we wud get 2 feet or more overnite mon into tues. well, so far at 9 am tues i got 4 inches. it is still snowing.

however, just north of the fair state of new jerky states like connect and cut,  mass ass choose its and new england are bean clobbered. reports of 10 foot snow drifts. ten foot snow drifts, thats 3 meters!

by the grace of the deity of yur choice new jerky and the NYC metro area wuz spared. folks mock the forecasters. i honor them.

i done the wise thing, left work early and stayed home. i have seen 2 foot snow storms. where i live in pigsack county it is not unusual to get storms like that.

the various goobermints are not set up to handle snow falls of this amount in spite of the huge tax burden the folks around here pay. a foot of snow is disruptive. even minor snow falls are mostly ignored by the goobermints.

which begs me to answer. exactly what services should citizens expect for their  tax money? at least the weather forecasters are performing a public service by making us all aware of the possible outcome.

indeed, just 50 miles away 5 states are being hammered with all that snow. just a slight nudge in the winds or a slow down of the storm track could have hammered my area.

i still got electric service enabling me to write this post. we dodged the bullet, this time.

back in the late part of the 20th century my area wuz getting a “100 yeer storm” every yeer. 3 feet of snow and disruption for as many days. a few yeers before dat, i used to get typical winters of major snow twice a week. yes, imagine getting six inches of snow twice a week for 6 weeks!

oh sure, i got winters where i got one or two inches of snow every 3 or 4 days for six weeks. then i got winters with no snow. one winter there was a one inch snow storm and it stayed brutal cold in low teens during the day and single digitis at night and that one inch laid around for a month.

it’s the old saying, climate is what you expect and weather is what you get.

on saturday just past i got 8 inches. then on monday winter storm snot locker blew in and out and i got another 4 inches. well, that is the best way to get 12 inches of snow. that is to say in 2 shots. i cleaned up from the first, had a mild day in between to melt where removed and then some more a day later.

yeah, i had winters with back to back heavy snow mebbe 7 to 10 days apart. that gets grueling.

uhmerikans are stupid. they wear shorts in the winter. they want to pretend they live in a virtual realty bubble where things like storms and nature dont pertain to them. they think money is real and can do anything. when the routine of making money is disrupted they get all nasty. they lash out and mock people who try to give the best advice on life threatening events like major blizzards.

because a blizzard missed them and millions of other nearby folks are getting clobbered they are indignant.

the south part of new jerky wuz hit hard by hurricane sandy, still not 100% recovered and those people laugh at the forecasters becuz they got nothing from the blizzard snot locker. instead of being relieved they are upset at the cost of being prepared.

uhmerikans are stupid and obnoxious and A-holes.


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