reefered madness

so you think everything is normal? you stroke yur smart phone for the orgasms it gives you. in far off places monkeys are killing each other with machines. yur old smart phone ended up in a toxic dump leaching rare earth minerals into the….earth. the cycle is complete. i guess that is normal.

what about those folks who have faith in the singularity? i would be worried about that. where is yur old PC or VCR or TV? in a very similar toxic dump.

first the earth was raped for these same minerals. the gadget wuz current for 6 months then discarded. after being raped the earth is poisoned. pretty slick trick. the point being that technology is dumped every 6 months. what if “they” upload you into an electronic system and it gets dumped 6 months later? what if the system you upload into isnt compatible? then what? what if you are installed in a 1x system and 32x is available? exactly how many upgrades do you get? what is the guarantee of UPS? what maintains the system? robots and drones?

do you become an A(ctual)Intelligence? one big AI? or a bunch of interconnected ones? and what of artificial intelligence? artificial wisdom?

what about the meat bags you leave behind? bothersome pests? beloved pets? indifference?

hey! what if you want to downgrade? design a body, insert intelligence, live and experience then upload back to the singularity. way cool. i’m for that. count me in-out, in-out.



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