life hack feb 15

where i live, the grape state of new jerky, pigsack county, white milf, we iz getting clobbered wiff tons of snow and bitter cold. single digits, zero or minus for a week or so. it haz happened before and most likely happen again. still it aint “normal” what ever dat may be.

regular cold weather gloves are often inadequate. mebbe becuz one doesnt purchase special gloves for use on the world’s highest peak or at the south pole. a simple trick to help protect yur handz is just to put on disposable gloves first then regular gloves over that. i use the blue gloves but white latex will work just as well. make sure you get the right size. snug not sloppy or tight to be on comfortable.

the disposable glove is a vapor barrier. it blocks the effects of wind chill. it provieds extrs insulation effect of the type afforded by the scuba outfit. an added benefit is that the over gloves can be removed to fiddle with keys or some other device such as a camera and yur handz dont get frost bite.

today it wuz about 8 degrees up to 13 and now 8 degrees (F). i shoveled snow and then tuk an hour walk around my section of town to take some photos.

i had no discomfort or numbing of fingers or thumbs. however when i went inside and removed the disposable gloves my handz were soaked. i didnt notice this when out and about. the blue gloves seem some what sturdy compared to plain latex and i used the same pair twice and plan to use them again.

iffen you dont bleev me jest try it yurself. i’ll warrant you’ll use dis life hack every time.

i do not own or have investments in disposable glove sales or manufacturing.


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