why i vote dumbocratic

guest post:

1.) I didn’t go to Skool, I sold Crack and pimped out my 10 yr old sister instead
2.) I love Homosexual Sex
3.) I like to Murder unborn Babies
4.) I like to Burn Aborted Babies to produce Electricity, not Coal
5.) I think having Sex with Animals is OK!
6.) I think Muslims and Sharia Law are GREAT!
7.) I am a proud member of NAMBLA
8.) I think that only Black Gang members should be allowed to have Guns
9.) I want to destroy America
10.) I hate Energy Independence! I want to support the Mullahs
11.) I had Gay sex with Obama. He gives good head!
12.) I think Rachael Jeantel is a GENIUS!
13.) I want to deprive all Farmers of Water in order to save a Minnow
14.) We don’t have enough rules and regulations in America yet
15.) We should give special rights to foot fetishes and Necrophiliacs
16.) I have an IQ lower than my Shoe Size”

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.


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