guest posts:
“The GOP leadership demonstrated their utter contempt for their own voters when they wound up supporting Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal aliens last week against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the American people. It was obvious that McConnell and Boehner secretly approved the amnesty all along but they saw the illegal immigration issue as a way to seize power in the Congress, and they succeeded. The GOP establishment never had any intention of fighting “tooth and nail” against the amnesty plan as they promised during the campaign. It was all political theater. The GOP establishment like the idea of flooding America with cheap labor with little or no benefits.
For the GOP leadership, when it comes down to a contest between big business and wealthy donors versus the average American worker and voter, the average American worker and voter will get chucked under the bus every time. Don’t be fooled.”

“Until Republicans and Independents can get the message across that it is the DEMs anti-military stance that allows chaos to unfold around the world; that it is the DEM’s wage (minimum and union) hikes that lead to less American jobs; that it is the DEM’s tax policies that keep our cities in debt; that it is the DEM’s spending and subsequent tax hikes who make people poor, and poor people even poorer; that it is the DEM’s tax and education policies that are lowering our children’s test scores compared to the rest of the world, America will never again be the great country that it once was. There is nothing wrong with government provided health care if the employer doesn’t provide it. It’s in the methodology that needs to be corrected. As a capitalist country, employers should provide healthcare either directly, or indirectly with government oversight. No sick American’s lack of income should keep them from seeing a doctor or getting the medication they need.”

“When a company pays low wages and few benefits, the workers are forced to look for supplemental assistance. In fact Walmart, in the past, encouraged it’s employees to get food assistance and other benefits to make up for the slack. So, explain to me who the takers are, the companies that pay little and give few benefits to the workers or the workers who seek out benefits? Who actually is on welfare? It’s so easy to kick the little guy in America. Not one Republican, including Scott Walker, has the slightest idea how to increase wages in the blue collar and middle class, but they sure know how to cut wages and benefits. If fact, I detect a certain cheerful mean-spiritedness. Maybe (we’ve) got it all wrong, … People won’t automatically vote Democrat because they are on the take. Maybe they just don’t want to vote Republican because they believe mean people suck. It might be that simple. It has nothing to do with economics, it has everything to do with leaders who get their kicks out of throwing people under the bus and watching the action from posh suites, banquet halls, and luxury skyboxes. Yeah, I can see how people think we are like the Roman Empire in decline.

(why) haven’t (we) figured it out yet after all these years …. that the game is rigged against the average person?”

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day


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