why uhmerika is fucked

why? mike judge made a cult movie called idiocracy. it presented a far off future where uhmerika wuz dumbed down by corporations. this time is now. BEHOLD!

“Coca-Cola is working with fitness and nutrition experts who suggest its soda as a treat at a time when the world’s biggest beverage maker is being blamed for helping to fuel obesity rates.

In February, several of the experts wrote online posts for American Heart Month, with each including a mini-can of Coke or soda as a snack idea. The pieces — which appeared on nutrition blogs and other sites including those of major newspapers — offer a window into the many ways food companies work behind the scenes to cast their products in a positive light, often with the help of third parties who are seen as trusted authorities.”


this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.

i cant make this fucking shit up! we are doomed! soon, very soon, mother’s breast milk will be outlawed as unfit for human consumption. in that time only (ONLY) koo-koo cola will be allowed to be given to babies. children wont be able to enter skool or graduate or get a job unless they drink koo-koo cola. and you will. you all will. any one who does not will be labeled a terrorist.


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