the aweful awesomeness of bean uhmerikan

bean uhmerikan is like a gift from gawd. it is also a curse from the devil. we have it all. plenty of food, toys to play wiff, cheap alcohol, black market drugs and lots of time to do it all in.

uhmerikans use smart phones to talk about dumb things. uhmerikans have orgasms from stroking glass screens. uhmerikans drive fast cars nowhere.

umerikans always want the latest and greatest and fastest and biggest and we want it now! tekno-lust is just as stimulating as any type of recreational procreation.

perversions? you name it we got it. and we regale in them.

the quintessential saying of all uhmerikans is, “i want mine even if i have to deny you yours”. it is unspoken but true none the less.

all over the world other unuhmerikans are dying in horrible ways and living with unbearable suffering. some folks are victims of the the erf’s cataclysmic upheavals such as earthquakes, volcanoes or tsunami.

others are victims of one organized political system using it’s technological military devices against another group of organized political system. often there is the element of different philosophies and concepts of religion thrown into the mix.

death is dropped from the sky. people are blown to bits. whole areas are laid to waste. this is the kicker, there are always losers but often there are no winners.

i get to type my rambling musings on it all and think it normal. the scary part? i cant do a thing about it. but i have a ring side seat at the freak show.

i would like to think in my delusion that maybe some AI (Actual Intelligence) may read these words and chuckle a bit.

my position is enviable by millions all over the world, that is, to become an uhmerikan. i be at a disadvantage, there is no where else for me to go. there is no concept of place that is better than here for me to go. pity me.


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