so it begins—ZOMBIES!

i read lots of strange stuff in the news, not fake news but real news.
for instance:

“May 22, 1:33 PM EDT
Milwaukee man pronounced dead, then moves limbs
Associated Press
MILWAUKEE (AP) — A man was pronounced dead after collapsing at his Milwaukee apartment, but began to move his limbs as he was about to be taken to the morgue, authorities say….Paramedics from the Milwaukee Fire Department said Sancomb was “cold to the touch and in rigor,” and they did not attempt to resuscitate him, the report said….A transport team arrived to take the body to the morgue, but at about 3 p.m., Thomas Sancomb had “spontaneous respirations” and began moving his left arm and right leg, but no pulse was evident, Penn wrote. She summoned paramedics back to the apartment and called the family….Sancomb’s pulse returned and he was rushed to Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital in Milwaukee. His diagnosis at the hospital was redacted from the report. Hospital spokesman Evan Solochek said no information could be disclosed because of federal privacy laws.”

maybe the report is redacted becuz “they” dont want us to panic becuz of zombies! other reasons? mebbe he tuk a trip in the astral planes. slipped into another dimension. a quantum effect. is the mind independent of the body?

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.



well, bean an uhmerikan i haz a ring side seat for the freak show. i axed me boss about how hiz home improvements a goan. i axed iffen he had any pix on hiz fone. firstly he showed me some hot chicks its, then a video of a beheading.

3 guys dressed in black with masks, just eyes showing. obligatory palm or date or fig tree in back ground. a guy kneeling dressed in white. lots blah-blah-blah in a harsh language which i didnt understand. the guy talking held a big blade. he pushes the kneeling guy’s head forward and starts chopping. the guy in white looked drugged to me, no struggle even though hiz hands were tied behind hiz back. i think it took more than four strokes but less than eight. the body remains kneeling. head picked up and put on shoulders, video ends.

i want to say again. the guy wuz dressed in white. only some blood on collar. it wuz a low res video on a fone.

i thought about it. it think it wuz fake. the human brain gets 35% of the blood flow. major arteries supplying it. i wood suspect the white tunic to be drenched.

i found a video of some gal who got her leg severed from a motor cycle accident. lots more blood. she wuz wearing shorts, left leg hanging below knee. she wuz struggling to get up and some one gently kept her down.

must have been a quart of blood easy. she wuz in shock. the body can temporarily stop blood to a traumatic injury of the extremities.

i’m just saying any major wound like that, hand, arm, foot, leg, head would have lots more blood.

i mentioned this to my boss. he is an EMT. he just sed that “they” do beheadings all the time. he sed i must not believe in the holocaust (nazi extermination of jews). well, i suppose my boss wants to believe and i just have doubts, about beheadings.

i did a inter tube search twice about the effects of beheadings. the highest ranked results are about how long a beheaded head stays alive. i wuz looking for the amout of blood spilled. doles it gush out or just drip?

hey. do yur own inter tube search about that. i am looking for descriptions from the french revolution. lots of beheadings back then.

brade machines double plus good!

did i mention i have three bread machines? one is a kenmore, one is a breadman and one is a cuisinart. i actually bought one, the kenmore when on sale. the breadman i got at as thrift store (90% off!) and the cuisinart someone gave to me becuz they couldnt figger out how to use it.

me favz are banana cinnamon coconut chocolate and tomato basil. i make 1 1/2 pound loaves. that lasts me a month. i almost never buy bread.

have you ever read the ingredients of super market bread? and the prices!

why three? after the bread machine is done it has a refractory period where it has to cool down. when inspiration strikes me i dont have to cool off. i just load up the next machine and push a button.

i modified the basic recipes. i add oatmeal. i found that 2 bananas and no water works great. i use a whole 6 oz can of tomato paste with lots of herbs and spices. of course i use yeast and 1/8th the salt.

otherwise i can boil water, put something in a toaster oven or the microwave. that makes me a member in good standing of the club, “sons of bachelors”.