latest rant to d.c. rat rep.

i read you voted against GMO labeling.

ever hear of gregor mendel? about 200 years ago this monk worked out a way to graph a matrix of a plant’s hereditary traits. using this knowledge one can breed organisms with traits hue-mans desire. mendel used peas and when he was done breeding peas he still had peas. maybe the flower color or pea size was different but it was still peas.

this information can be used on other plants and animals and even hue-mans. however, the organisms still remain what they were.

today, using GM, one can insert a gene sequence from one organism into another giving it characteristics it didnt naturally have. a few years ago it was a big deal to insert the glowing genes from jelly fish into cats, goldfish and roses.

monsanto put the production of a pesticide not native to corn into corn to kill an insect that attacked corn. the genes came from a bacteria. already the insect has developed an immunity to the pesticide. it seems many people are allergic to this corn. it seems that 90% of corn grown in usa has this gene.

i dont eat much corn any more because it upsets my digestion. i couldnt figure out why my stomach was bothering me. by accident i laid off corn and the symptoms went away. some time later i read about GM corn.

now there are GM apples and tomatoes that dont appear rotten when they are spoiled.

of course corporations who develop and PATENT these life forms say they are harmless. why should i believe them or you?

the media says anyone who is against GMO’s are luddites or terrorists against the uhmerikan way.

even with the old fashion way of cross breeding an organism can get the right traits hue-mans want but get some other trait bred out. maybe in peas it loses frost or disease resistance. then hue-mans have to go back to wild stock to breed those traits back in.

polls show the uhmerikan people want labeling to show what produce are GMO. people want the freedom of choice to buy non GMO produce.

you and pascrell both voted down GMO labeling. no differences between RATpublikans and DUMBOcrats. maybe you are a GMO candidate. maybe shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7 bred a race of hue-mans whose only purpose is to get elected and vote against their own constituents and in favor of profit making corporations who have no one’s best interest at hand.

there is a huge wave of suicides in india where farmers plant GMO crops that fail. it is as if those farmers are used as test subjects and their deaths dont matter.

in uhmerika monsanto sues farmers when their GMO crops blow into the non GMO fields. it should be the other way around. monsanto should be sued when GMO crops blow into non GMO fields.

but judges are GMO hue-mans being bred by shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7 also. that is why all these bad things are happening.

can you say without doubt that all the “random” shootings of late are or are not from folks eating GMO food and having their minds get messed up? this exactly what shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7 would do! would hue-mans do that against hue-mans? would normal people do such things? what makes people abnormal?

as a scientific experiment in anthropology representatives such as yourself and pascrell should be kicked to the curb and new hue-mans bought in who will vote for the people and not against them. if the the new crew is just as bad kick ’em to the curb as well.

i look forward to a troll leaving a nasty message on my blog.


first world problems

one of the biggest problems us first worlders face is tricksterism by shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7. they have invisibility cloaks and diabolical refractors to blend in chameleon like with their surroundings.

yesterday i went to the park and dropped my point and shoot. dropped i say? it wuz in my pocket. a shape shifting reptilian from sigma draconis 7 could have been right next to me disguised a tree. i could have looked right at it and never noticed it, the camouflage is so perfect! this being could have stealthily reached out with a claw and hooked the wrist strap of the point and shoot and snaked it out of my pocket.

shape shifting reptilians have no need of a point and shoot. they are the ones who gave us digital technology in the first place. they are light years ahead of anything they give us. it is as if us first worlders gave a stone age person a kerosene lantern.

the reptilians made a deal wif urf goobermints to let them walk around freely in disguise and observe us. the reptilians can also abduct specimens for study and heinous experiments. the reptilians also do tests to see how hue-mans react, such as snatching something from our pockets.

i walked back along the path i took to look for the missing camera. i could not find it. perhaps another hue-man  saw it, picked it up.

the missing point and shoot is a canon a1100. it had a one gig memory card and two rechargeable AA batteries. i wuz 5 yeers old and obsolete having only 12 megapixels. it wuz defective when i got it. it wouldnt infinity focus when fully zoomed out. it laid in a drawer for a while until i realized i can use it as a dedicated macro camera. that i did. took lots of close ups. in fact i wuz doing a mushruin study the day it got  “lost”. i had taken a picture and put it in my pocket but some time later when i went to take another it wuz gone. plus…in order to remove the memory card you had to open the battery cover. the body and door are molded plastic. one of the door catches on the body had snapped off and the door was always slightly ajar. i have a later model a1300 and the door latch did the same thing. plus on numerous ocassions i noticed a whirring noise when the zoom lens did it’s travel in/out.

those obnoxious aliens.

well, as a first worlder no one was shooting at me. i wasnt dying of a terrible disease. i wasnt dying from hunger. i just lost a toy. a toy that wuz nearing the end of it’s useful life. mebbe i’ll call the park office. some kind patron of nature could have turned it in if the reptilain had just snagged it and let it drop. my DNA is all over the device. mebbe i am being cloned right now. a whole army of myself is being resurrected  as a prelude to invasion. or my clones are being used as a food source. you never know with these shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7.

here are some of the last photos taken with the camera. mebbe the reptilians wanted this information to study urf  fungi. every knows that spores are deadly to reptilians.




those obnoxious aliens

i aint talking about no jap anime.

fair use notice for discussion of important social issues:

from ap:

“LOS ANGELES (AP) – An attorney said Wednesday that the body of a mystery man was decomposing in his car in the tony Pacific Palisades neighborhood in Southern California for nearly two weeks before he was found by authorities on July 17.

Inside his home, detectives discovered more than 1,200 guns, scopes, 6.5 tons of ammunition, bows and arrows, knives, machetes and $230,000 in cash.

They also found eight of the 14 vehicles registered to the man stashed across Los Angeles, including a Toyota SUV designed to drive underwater.”

from ktla:

‘A man who lived in a home filled with guns and whose decomposed body was found in an SUV in Pacific Palisades was believed to be a human/alien hybrid secretly working with the U.S. government by his fiancée and a missing Oxnard woman who worked for her, according to the fiancée’s  mother.”

it’s those darned shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7. they are every where. this guy spent FIVE MILLION DOLLARS on hiz arsenal and no one knows where he got the money from. not of this urf.

the end of leisure

“Robotics is not leveraged to decrease work time, but used to drive wages down and cause the people to work ever-increasing hours to survive”.

bill gates,the richest and smartest man on urf, sez that withing 20 years all sorts of jobs will be automated, STOCK BROKERS, nurses, burger flippers, etc.

DARPA haz robotic challenges where dumb ass nerdy college students vie to make a robot jump, walk, dance, run a obstacle course. two, four or more legs and dont forget flying. mebbe one team wins a million bucks. DARPA, which is run by shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7, want to make independent, decision making sentient robots for, heh-heh, use in clean up of a civil, technological and natural disasters. OH! and battle robs that can decide friend or foe and pump lead into yur meat bag.

some people say it’s progress. isaac asimov thought of the 3 laws of robotics but i dont hear about any of those shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7 incorporating those laws into drones of any sort.

looks like we are going down the terminator route instead.

the remnants of hue-manity will not have any leisure time running away from death machines.

WARNING! WILL ROBINSON, WARNING! this sort of thing has cropped up before and it’s always been due to hue-man error.

why are we making artificial intelligence when we really need actual intelligence?

selling baby parts

YOSH! it’s all over the news planned parenthood is selling aborted baby parts. a second video has surfaced.

and who buys aborted hue-man fetus parts? SHAPE SHIFTING REPTILIANS FROM SIGMA DRACONIS 7!!! that’s who.

for what purpose? it is sed the reptilians need hormones that their own bodies cant manufacture.

so you think normal people sell aborted fetuses? normal people order soldiers into the epicenter of an AT tommik bomb blast? normal people do biological warfare studies on their own civilian population? you really think so? are you normal?

i’m glad i am abnormal.

i notice lots of shootings mostly by white kids and immigrants. the news can just be managed that way. lots of white cops killing black people. the news can be managed to appear that way. lots of moms killing their kids and stuffing them in the trunk or keeping them in a freezer. families are starving kids in basements, garages and closets. but the news can just be manipulated to appear that way.

some good news that this year not as many reports of children dying in cars left out in the sun. i think pretty much puts a end to anthropomorphic global warming. when you start reading about kids dying in cars left out in the cold then you know the new ice age haz begun. but maybe the news is just managed that way.

the golden asteroid

i red a book by a.c. clarke where he mentioned the mythical and elusive golden asteroid. ever since hue-mans become space faring the search for the golden asteroid haz ben going on.

now, on july 19-20, 2015, 2011 UW-158 a space rock roughly 1/2 kilometer wide, buzzed the urf. boffins say it contains up to 90 million metric tons of platinum and other precious metals., a space mining startup, has made this announcement. they just launched a mini satellite to study the effects of control mechanisms. in short, they dont have a pot to piss in. no giant robots, space tugs, no scrappy and plucky crews, no nuthin’, except an asteroid with all that precious metal that just happens to be sailing past the urf at the same time.

precious metals are tanking. gold and silver are at 5 year lows. i myself haz ben waitng for silver to drop below ten uhmerikan dollars an ounce for 2 years now.

the crap is so cheap it aint worth digging out of the urf let alone an asteroid.

if we have asteroids made of platinum surely there are asteroids of gold , silver even green cheese. the universe is very big, it cant fit inside yur head. we havent observed all asteroids. it may be unlikely but not impossible. quantum effects make it possible for asteroids to be made of green cheese.

what would happen if this platinum asteroid was mined? would platinum be cheap to use in every day disposable items? platinum has very desirable properties.

platinum is heavy, soft, malleable , and ductile  and has a fairly high melting point (~1770°C or 3220°F). it’s often described as a noble metal because it is so unreactive but enough so to be used as a catalyst.

Crustal abundance (ppm) 0.000037

for example gold:

Crustal abundance (ppm) 0.0013

wow! gold is $1098 today and platinum is $969. sure aint no correlation to scarcity is there? mebbe iffen this here platinum asteroid is mined it wouldnt do anything to the price, which really determines availability. but then consider silver, $14.65 an ounce today. there are supposed to be actual physical shortages of that metal but the price keeps dropping. but imagine if platinum wuz only $14.69 an ounce.

TPTB may just not want a mining operation. boffins also say the current population of the urf would have to consume the total resources of 6 urfs to give every one the life style of an uhmerikan.

some rinky dink asteroid jest haint goan cut it, pal. we wud need fleets of space ships going into the asteroid belt and mining every last on o dem sukkaz. plus we need giant space tankers shaped like 55 gallon drums to go to titan, a moon of saturn, and bring back all that precious juice.

let us not forget the shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7. what do they want? dont they want us to lust for new shiny things? dont we define quality and prestige and status by how much it cost?

how wud they control us if we mined all that platinum and it wuz cheaper than silver? or the asteroid made of diamonds? what if diamonds were cheaper than sand? what would happen to capitalism without scarcity to drive up prices of finished goods while commodities collapsed?

i remember an episode of “lost in space” , “Treasure of the Lost Planet”.will and dr smith got mixed up in a treasure hunt with Captain Alonzo P. Tucker, a tricked out, spaced out long john silver, argh! it is Beelibones fantastic treasure. Beelibones lived on a planet where door hinges are made of gold and door knobs of diamonds and emeralds. so tucker, smith and will along with 3 pirates go on a treasure hunt. while 2 pirates get killed tucker keeps signing the praises and vast worth of beelibones’ treasure and his home planet. the treasure chest is dug up. it contains pig iron.

and that is what would happen when urfikans start mining asteroids. platinum, gold, diamonds even americium would all become worthless.


wiley coyote particle

photons can have “quantum entanglement”. might that confues some one into thinking they are “wiley coyote particles”?

here is a discription of the proces:

“The mysterious particle, called a Weyl fermion, emerged from a crystal of a material called a semi-metal. By bombarding the crystal with photons, the team produced a stream of electrons that collectively behaved like the elusive subatomic particles.”

maybe the hardon collider does the same thing. you bombard some matter with energy and it produces “a new particle” but it’s made up of the converted stream of energy. it’s just looking at something without being something. wow! majik.