shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7 redux

so i got born into the uhmerikan paradigm of hegemony. nice gig.

my goobermint ordered it’s own troops into ground zero of an AT tommik bomb blast. kept it secret for yeerz while the soldiers we are told to honor and respect got sick with cancer and died, denied benefits!

same F(n) goobermint did secret germ warfare releases on it’s own population. when people died and the truth came out decades later the goobermint through the courts sed “FUCK YOU!”, no redress of grievances.

the same F(n) goobermint in vietnam deforested whole swathes of jungle with agent orange. the guys applying it got sick and their offspring had birth defects and the F(n) goobermint denied any benefits for yeerz and yeerz and yeerz.

even to day, the veterans’ administration denies soldiers care and treatment while giving themselves raises and bonuses and sweeping it all under the rug. we are told over and over to honor and respect those who served and died for this nation all the while the goobermint treats veterans like shit dog pigs.

the goobermint haz a track record of dirty deeds and cheap assing anyone involved with them, there are many more such examples. but consider, WTF is this same goobermint doing now?

ax yurself if normal men and women would condone such events. what if the representatives are bean controlled by shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7?

what is the alternative? the answer is there are some pretty fucking sick perverted motherfucker assholes running the show.

but…we sent a probe to pluto so it’s OK. (FART!)


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