samlex pst-30s-12a

samlex pst-30s-12a is a pure sine wave dc/ac inverter. i bought one about 3 years ago for a solar cart i made. 14 watt panel, a charger controler and AGM deep cycle battery. by having the system on a cart i can track the sun and increase solation collection by 40%!

i used this 300 watt continous inverter on many occasions to power a light or a small power tool but mostly to run a boom box that draws 15 watts. i went to use 2 weeks ago. the ok green light comes on but about 40 seconds later it emits a continous beep and orange “abnormal condition”. no AC at receptical.

well, i think i payed $120 and it crapped out so soon. i didnt want to spring for a new sine wave inverter. i bought a 400 watt continous modified sine wave inverter of $46.

the samlex is out of warranty. it was hard wired to the battery so no reverse polarity. i opened it up and the replacable internal fuse is not blown. the circutmboard had many discreet components. lots of chip resistors, diodes, IC’s, a few big capacitors, some connectors. there is no easy way for an end use to diagnose the problem. i bet samlex would charge more money than a new one is worth. itis disposable.

i have another samlex 600 watt pure sine wave inverter that i bought before this one that is still functioning.

i got on the samlex website to do some searching for similar problem with other users. one thing i found out is that samlex pure sine wave inverters can down switch to modified sine wave under certain operating conditions. the samlex manual is very in depth with theory and set up but it does not mention that “feature”.

the new inverter is a generic model that many importers name brand. the one i bought is called, “FJC”. made in china. the samlex is made in taiwan.

i mail ordered the samlex but the local auto parts store had the FJC on a shelf.


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