selling baby parts

YOSH! it’s all over the news planned parenthood is selling aborted baby parts. a second video has surfaced.

and who buys aborted hue-man fetus parts? SHAPE SHIFTING REPTILIANS FROM SIGMA DRACONIS 7!!! that’s who.

for what purpose? it is sed the reptilians need hormones that their own bodies cant manufacture.

so you think normal people sell aborted fetuses? normal people order soldiers into the epicenter of an AT tommik bomb blast? normal people do biological warfare studies on their own civilian population? you really think so? are you normal?

i’m glad i am abnormal.

i notice lots of shootings mostly by white kids and immigrants. the news can just be managed that way. lots of white cops killing black people. the news can be managed to appear that way. lots of moms killing their kids and stuffing them in the trunk or keeping them in a freezer. families are starving kids in basements, garages and closets. but the news can just be manipulated to appear that way.

some good news that this year not as many reports of children dying in cars left out in the sun. i think pretty much puts a end to anthropomorphic global warming. when you start reading about kids dying in cars left out in the cold then you know the new ice age haz begun. but maybe the news is just managed that way.


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