the end of leisure

“Robotics is not leveraged to decrease work time, but used to drive wages down and cause the people to work ever-increasing hours to survive”.

bill gates,the richest and smartest man on urf, sez that withing 20 years all sorts of jobs will be automated, STOCK BROKERS, nurses, burger flippers, etc.

DARPA haz robotic challenges where dumb ass nerdy college students vie to make a robot jump, walk, dance, run a obstacle course. two, four or more legs and dont forget flying. mebbe one team wins a million bucks. DARPA, which is run by shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7, want to make independent, decision making sentient robots for, heh-heh, use in clean up of a civil, technological and natural disasters. OH! and battle robs that can decide friend or foe and pump lead into yur meat bag.

some people say it’s progress. isaac asimov thought of the 3 laws of robotics but i dont hear about any of those shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7 incorporating those laws into drones of any sort.

looks like we are going down the terminator route instead.

the remnants of hue-manity will not have any leisure time running away from death machines.

WARNING! WILL ROBINSON, WARNING! this sort of thing has cropped up before and it’s always been due to hue-man error.

why are we making artificial intelligence when we really need actual intelligence?


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