latest rant to d.c. rat rep.

i read you voted against GMO labeling.

ever hear of gregor mendel? about 200 years ago this monk worked out a way to graph a matrix of a plant’s hereditary traits. using this knowledge one can breed organisms with traits hue-mans desire. mendel used peas and when he was done breeding peas he still had peas. maybe the flower color or pea size was different but it was still peas.

this information can be used on other plants and animals and even hue-mans. however, the organisms still remain what they were.

today, using GM, one can insert a gene sequence from one organism into another giving it characteristics it didnt naturally have. a few years ago it was a big deal to insert the glowing genes from jelly fish into cats, goldfish and roses.

monsanto put the production of a pesticide not native to corn into corn to kill an insect that attacked corn. the genes came from a bacteria. already the insect has developed an immunity to the pesticide. it seems many people are allergic to this corn. it seems that 90% of corn grown in usa has this gene.

i dont eat much corn any more because it upsets my digestion. i couldnt figure out why my stomach was bothering me. by accident i laid off corn and the symptoms went away. some time later i read about GM corn.

now there are GM apples and tomatoes that dont appear rotten when they are spoiled.

of course corporations who develop and PATENT these life forms say they are harmless. why should i believe them or you?

the media says anyone who is against GMO’s are luddites or terrorists against the uhmerikan way.

even with the old fashion way of cross breeding an organism can get the right traits hue-mans want but get some other trait bred out. maybe in peas it loses frost or disease resistance. then hue-mans have to go back to wild stock to breed those traits back in.

polls show the uhmerikan people want labeling to show what produce are GMO. people want the freedom of choice to buy non GMO produce.

you and pascrell both voted down GMO labeling. no differences between RATpublikans and DUMBOcrats. maybe you are a GMO candidate. maybe shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7 bred a race of hue-mans whose only purpose is to get elected and vote against their own constituents and in favor of profit making corporations who have no one’s best interest at hand.

there is a huge wave of suicides in india where farmers plant GMO crops that fail. it is as if those farmers are used as test subjects and their deaths dont matter.

in uhmerika monsanto sues farmers when their GMO crops blow into the non GMO fields. it should be the other way around. monsanto should be sued when GMO crops blow into non GMO fields.

but judges are GMO hue-mans being bred by shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7 also. that is why all these bad things are happening.

can you say without doubt that all the “random” shootings of late are or are not from folks eating GMO food and having their minds get messed up? this exactly what shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7 would do! would hue-mans do that against hue-mans? would normal people do such things? what makes people abnormal?

as a scientific experiment in anthropology representatives such as yourself and pascrell should be kicked to the curb and new hue-mans bought in who will vote for the people and not against them. if the the new crew is just as bad kick ’em to the curb as well.

i look forward to a troll leaving a nasty message on my blog.


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