hole fooz

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Once your company goes publicly traded, you don’t get to have “morals” or “values” or “standards” anymore. You don’t have a “mission”. Your mission is to make money for the shareholders by any means necessary, and all sins are forgiven by the market, which is your deity now.

Don’t ever believe a publicly traded company when they say they’re different, or serve some higher purpose. The market compels everyone to adopt the same shitty, exploitative tactics in service of inflating the share price.”

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.


pursuing meat eaters


well, i always pursue meat eaters in the middle of august. boffins say that the 2015 shower will be outstanding becuz moon near new.

i haz ben looking at meat eaters about 5 days before the so called “maximum” of ONE HUNDRED MEAT EATERS PER HOUR! well! i call bullshit on dat. i hung out the max day (nite) and saw somewhat more than usual, usual bean NONE! witch is good.

i sawr some real snorters. day looked like  fire works. hollywood rocket exhaust. all fire yellow. yeah, totally worth it to watch grains of sand burn up in the atmosphere. really. it’s way kool.

i set up a nite vision video kamera to capchure the hole thang. it wuz a bust to prediction. still, more meat eaters than usual.

it is worth it to start looking some days be foe and some days after becuz fire balls. nuttin like seen a fire ball ripe true dee milky way while listing to locust chorus.

my ideer of a meat eater shower is  one every 15 seconds. historically it haz ben recorded meat eaters 1000 per hour. now that is style.


the trouble with capital jizm

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My beef with capitalism is less that the things that are offered to the 1% are somehow morally wrong, and more in line with the fact that the 1% are held to an entirely different set of standards than the rest of the working world. Everyone else is told that we have to take what we can get, that if we attempt to bargain for better working conditions, benefits, or pay that we’re being greedy and stealing from others, and that if we lose our job, its our own fault and that we’re owed nothing and that we should be ashamed for having to use our paltry unemployment to get by, as opposed to just dying in a gutter I guess. Merit based raises for most working folk are all but a thing of the past, its almost laughable to think that doing standout work would get you a significant raise in this economy. At best, we might hope to get the occasional cost of living increase, that really doesn’t match or keep up with actual increases in the cost of living. We get told by smug conservatives and libertarians that if we don’t like our job we should just quit, or stop complaining.

Meanwhile, CEO’s and other upper tier management make millions in excess of what any reasonable person needs to actually survive. They make the excuse that these obscenely large paychecks are necessary to attract top-talent, a good portion of which don’t seem to be all that actually talented at their jobs, as evidenced by the growing list of companies that hire someone to either right the ship or keep up growth, only to be left in worse shape than when they started. And the rest of us have to hear contradictory justifications for this: On the one hand, CEO’s deserve their ridiculous pay because they’re ultra hard working, financial geniuses who, if you’re going by their relative pay to anyone else in the company, are most responsible for the success of a company. Yet, when they fail to live up to the hype, we hear the exact opposite: the failure of the company was everybody else’s fault but theirs. It was circumstance, or the economy, or their underlings, or bad PR.

When you pair this with the recent genre of op-eds by wealthy individuals who lament the high cost of living, with people to cook and clean for them, private nannies, private schools, the cost of keeping up multiple residences, can you not see how people that in the course of their regular day don’t have two nickels to rub together are sick of this shit?

And that’s not even getting into things like using their massive wealth to buy out-sized influence in our allegedly ‘one-vote-per-person’ democracy.

Real Talk: Any given member of the 1% could lose half their wealth this instant, and they’d still have more than enough money to let them live like kings for the rest of their lives with enough left over for a tidy inheritance to their kids or whoever. If just about anyone else lost half their wealth or income, they’d immediately lose everything they have and have to struggle in poverty.

The thing about it is this: If the 1%er’s of this country gave up just a fraction of their wealth, they could raise people up out of poverty while giving up nothing in terms of their own comfort or standard of living. And as a bonus, this benevolence would likely placate most people! I think people would be a lot more tolerant of a CEO making 100x’s what the lowest paid worker at their company made, if said lowest paid worker had a decent paycheck that gave them financial security, with maybe even enough left over to put into savings, leave for their kids, and enjoy the odd modest luxury themselves every once and a while.”

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.

jailer man

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Most people are in jail because they just wanted to catch a Buzz with a doobie, dance at rave with some ecstasy or just sober up from being drunk with a line of coca loca.

But, the private prison system sees these people as their cash cows and make you the tax payer fork up the dough to keep them there as long as they can, so they can charge you to feed them, bathe them, dress them, house them and tuck them in at night, while charging you to wash their dirty laundry, clean their dishes, pay for their cable, their electricity, their dental, medical, and don’t forget the outrageous salaries those CEO’s and board of directors get paid plus their fat bonuses because it is a corporation and not public.

What a business…!!!

All they have to do is pour those social drugs in the city themselves, follow it, use their army of informants, prosecutors, dirty lawyers, dirty cops and walla, instant customers.

Compliments of you.

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.


well, it’s the beginning of august and the anniversaries of the dropping of two at tommik bombs on japan .i didnt hear any uhmerikan citizens mention it. not at work or casually amongst the super market. it wuz completely ignored, just as much as men (uhmerikan men) landing on the moon.

still, my country, that is uhmerika, unleashed these weapons of mass destruction. the ONLY country to do so.

personally, i wish it hadnt been done, life during war time &c. what bothers me the most is a test the uhmerikan goobermint done. “they” dropped an at tommik bomb in the nevada dessert and had their own troops march into ground zero right after the blast. it wuz uhmerikan command structure ordering their own troops into an at tommik bomb blast. then “they” kept it secret. the troops started suffering from the effects of exposure to radiation. for decades these troops were denied proper treatment (national security).

yeah, uhmerika, my nation, did this horrible thing. which leads me to think that just maybe the justification for dropping those bombs on japan just might be bullshit.

we all know who “they” are, shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7.

those two bombs killed hundreds of thousands of people. talk about abuse of corpse on a grand scale. imagine, if you will, those shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7 chowing down on all that bar-b-q! yummy.

abuse of a corpse


the technologically advanced west is falling apart. FAIR USE for important discussion of social issues:

“NEW YORK (AP) — Five more buildings in the Bronx have tested positive for the bacteria that cause the potentially deadly Legionnaires’ disease, though there is no sign that anyone has grown ill from the new sites, New York City officials said Saturday.”

“The disease is a form of pneumonia caused by breathing in mist contaminated with the Legionella bacteria and is considered particularly dangerous for the elderly and for people with underlying health issues.” yeah, you were gonna die anyway. that’s the excuse.

then lots of this:

“CONWAY, Ark. (AP) — A 14-year-old boy shot and killed his grandparents during a robbery-and-murder scheme hatched while he and two other friends were held in an Arkansas juvenile jail, police and prosecutors said Friday.”

“Staton, of Conway, and Drexler, of Clinton, were also charged with two counts each of aggravated robbery, theft of property and abuse of a corpse.”

i read the news, the so called real news every day, AP,UPI and REUTERS. in the past 30 days articles with “abuse of corpse” in them have become very common. i guess it’s one of those laws on the books but never prosecuted. now it it seems it is a catch phrase that is describing uhmerikan society.

mothers throwing babies out upper story windows, fathers beating babies to death, parents locking children in cages, closets and basements and starving them, all the “random” shootings.the epidemic of teachers having sex with students. i’m just guessing here, i am not a doctor nor do i portray one on TV, it’s GMO food.

uhmerika is already dead, we just dont know it yet. it’s…it’s… abuse of corpse. it must be those shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7.