well, it’s the beginning of august and the anniversaries of the dropping of two at tommik bombs on japan .i didnt hear any uhmerikan citizens mention it. not at work or casually amongst the super market. it wuz completely ignored, just as much as men (uhmerikan men) landing on the moon.

still, my country, that is uhmerika, unleashed these weapons of mass destruction. the ONLY country to do so.

personally, i wish it hadnt been done, life during war time &c. what bothers me the most is a test the uhmerikan goobermint done. “they” dropped an at tommik bomb in the nevada dessert and had their own troops march into ground zero right after the blast. it wuz uhmerikan command structure ordering their own troops into an at tommik bomb blast. then “they” kept it secret. the troops started suffering from the effects of exposure to radiation. for decades these troops were denied proper treatment (national security).

yeah, uhmerika, my nation, did this horrible thing. which leads me to think that just maybe the justification for dropping those bombs on japan just might be bullshit.

we all know who “they” are, shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7.

those two bombs killed hundreds of thousands of people. talk about abuse of corpse on a grand scale. imagine, if you will, those shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7 chowing down on all that bar-b-q! yummy.

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