jailer man

guest post:

Most people are in jail because they just wanted to catch a Buzz with a doobie, dance at rave with some ecstasy or just sober up from being drunk with a line of coca loca.

But, the private prison system sees these people as their cash cows and make you the tax payer fork up the dough to keep them there as long as they can, so they can charge you to feed them, bathe them, dress them, house them and tuck them in at night, while charging you to wash their dirty laundry, clean their dishes, pay for their cable, their electricity, their dental, medical, and don’t forget the outrageous salaries those CEO’s and board of directors get paid plus their fat bonuses because it is a corporation and not public.

What a business…!!!

All they have to do is pour those social drugs in the city themselves, follow it, use their army of informants, prosecutors, dirty lawyers, dirty cops and walla, instant customers.

Compliments of you.

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.

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