pursuing meat eaters


well, i always pursue meat eaters in the middle of august. boffins say that the 2015 shower will be outstanding becuz moon near new.

i haz ben looking at meat eaters about 5 days before the so called “maximum” of ONE HUNDRED MEAT EATERS PER HOUR! well! i call bullshit on dat. i hung out the max day (nite) and saw somewhat more than usual, usual bean NONE! witch is good.

i sawr some real snorters. day looked like  fire works. hollywood rocket exhaust. all fire yellow. yeah, totally worth it to watch grains of sand burn up in the atmosphere. really. it’s way kool.

i set up a nite vision video kamera to capchure the hole thang. it wuz a bust to prediction. still, more meat eaters than usual.

it is worth it to start looking some days be foe and some days after becuz fire balls. nuttin like seen a fire ball ripe true dee milky way while listing to locust chorus.

my ideer of a meat eater shower is  one every 15 seconds. historically it haz ben recorded meat eaters 1000 per hour. now that is style.



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