writing for tomorrow


i aint writing for me contemporaries but dont take it personal. i am writing for future internet archaeologists. they will want to know what life wuz really like back in dee day. they are the ones who want the truth. you cant handle the truth. we want pretty lies to make raping the earth easy. consume for pleasure with out purpose. destroy anything for my toy just dont tell me about it.  as long as some one else far away is suffering and dying ,well, that is fine and dandy, i’ll just ignore it.

hey, hey ,HEY! i am part of it. i live in uhmerika. i cant do anyhting about it. struggle for money or become homeless. grab all you can get. know all the rules so you can excel at cheating. the only thing that defines a pussin’s worth is how much money he/she has. tell yur children to be kind and generous and then punch the next guy in the nose. that is  it!



RED ALERT! monarch butteflies


yeers ago when i wuz a young lad monarch butterflies were common. you could see one any wnere in the grape steak of new jerky. i seen then migrating south along the top of the bearfort ridge. not flocks but singly on after the other. i tuk a few pik chures of dem. i’ll dig one out. yousee, back in the day when dey were common i used fillum becuz digital warnt invented yet.

i’m talking 1970’s. sheesh! by duh time i went digital i haint seen many. come to think of it i hant seen any in 2015. dey be quite rare.

i unner stand dey winter in one spot in mexico. 30 yeers ago or so no one nknew were but some expedition from nat geo found out. private property, a ranch. kept it secret they did but it got out. any ways the cows on the ranch would munch on them as they clustered on special trees. then the loggers came and cut these trees down. some one who seen them in their glory bemoaned the fact their numbers have dwindled to a mere fraction, a small fraction.

makes a feller right proud to be a hue-man. but you see, that is the way it’s goan. all master man destroys habitat and deminishes species then turns around and sez it haint hiz fault, just trying to make a quick buck until the whole world is barren.

works for me, how about you?

kodak easy share z1275 redux

i posted a blog about the z1275 some time ago. nice camera but it sucked bat trees like a cheap whore doing $10 blow jobs.

quite independently i bought some panasonic eneloop AA bat trees. with regular disposables or even common NiMH i could barely get a day’s shooting out of this camera. leaving the bat trees in over nite meant dead bat trees next day. i have left the eneloop bat trees in for TWO WEEKS! i havent yet used up the bat trees during a shoot. i always carry spares but havent had to use them.

so now, this camera, the z1275 is a fine picture taker. mostly day lite and late afternoon. it doesnt care for twilight or night time. i play with it a lot. i like the full manual mode which includes, get this, full manual focusing through out the range from infinity to macro! plus aperture, shutter and ISO settings. in this respect it was in a class b y itself, especially for a kodak camera.

back in 2007 i paid $250 for this suckah. that wuz the going rate for upper end compact point and shoots with 12 megapixels. at ISO’s over 400 it’s noisy especially in dim light when you need it the most. still kodak cameras have great color.

it only haz a 5x optical zoom but it is very sharp. i used it a few times a week when i go to the park. at least i am using it now instead of it sitting in the back of a drawer. i hope those shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7 dont try and snatch it.

more expensive coffee

today i brewed some more coffee with the 1000 watt solar cart. the wagan inverter cooling fans turned today and the alternate display started working. it always showed bat tree volts then switched to 00.0. today though it showed 80.0. this means the inverter is at % of capacity, in this instance 80%. later in the afternoon i ran a 2.5 amp 18 inch plant trimmer intermittently for about 30 minnits. the oscilloscope showed a near perfect wave form.

i also hooked up the 5300 BTU A/C onto the xantrex again. it being cool the compressor didnt kick in with the temp set to 73. i kept bumping it down to 69 and the xantrex choked. A/C shut down. when the A/C is first plugged in it defaults to 72. previous the xantrex ran this A/C at 73 and the compressor cycled on and off. the display on the inverter showed a voltage drop and the alternate display indicated how many kilowatts. in this case the range was between .39 and .29 meaning 390 watts to 290 watts. as it was cycling through the display the volts was steady but watts varied quite a bit. i dont understand why it would run the A/C one day and not another.it’s my understanding the compressor runs at some set rate or not. still, that would not explain the wattage variation on the display. i will have to wait for a warmer day and see if it will run at 73 again. maybe it is a magic value. the wave form is funky with some fixed distortion although the numbers looked good. how ever funky the sine wave is it is still much better than a modified square wave.

what this all means is more runs and more monitoring. eventually after i brew 100 cups of coffee it will be cheaper than star buckles. i’ll get lots of practice on running the system for a real black out. i wish stores sold them locally. all are mail ordered. no one has any in stock. sure, most auto parts stores sell modified square wave but they are a known product, the same every where.

in other news i purchased a sears craftsman clamp meter. i put NiMH bat trees in it and dc or ac amps sed OL meaning overload. i though i got a bad one but i put disposable bat trees in it and it worked fine. disposables are 1.5 volts compared to 1.2 volts for NiMH. i clamped the wagan bat tree input cable during coffee brewing and got 10 amps.

the pope!


i see many articles about the pope’s simple meals. the pope haz hiz own 757 jumble jet. so sure, he haz simple healthy meals. and the pope wanted to buzz the statue of liberty. imagine iffen i wanted to buzz the statue of liberty. i be shot down, MOE FOE!

i went to the statue of liberty before all dat 9/11 shit went down. hasnt ben deer since. “they” count the hairs on yur ass now, citizen. only the elite get to go through like the olden days. although it’s easy enough to get to ellis island. not as juicy a target as the green lady.

the pope is all for immigration from poe countries to uhmerika although the vatican is a walled city with no immigration. you haz to become a priest of some import to get in deer.

i often ax spanish folks about their country of origin. i ax dem iffen i call a corporation if they have press one for spanish and two for english. i ax dem iffen goobermint haz bilingual documents and translators available for folks from, say, uhmerika.

without exception, every spanish speaking pussin i axed made a funny face (which we can interpret as a shit eating grin) made a queer laugh, and sed, “NO!”. doan wanna make it easy fer filthy gringos.

i’d respect duh pope more iffen he tuk a tramp steamer to uhmerika and traveled about by bus and subway rather than having an army of lawr enforcement shut down streets and put up barricades. just doan seem humble to me.

besides he forgot to visit my filthy rotten stinkin’ hell hole of a job in paterson, nj. what an oversight. we/us/me desperately needed the blessings of the son.

uhmerika is a profit driven capitalistic society. money means everything, especially freedom. you cant have freedom wiff out money. why with money you can pollute the enviroment, kill people, exploit immigrants, distribute and sell illegal drugs and if you make a lot of money you are a hero instead of a heel.

uhmerikans like to think of themselves as kind, generous, helpful and peaceful people becuz hollywood. the ugly truth is uhmerikans are nasty, greedy, spiteful and full of conflict becuz of the pursuit of money.

uhmerikans believe their own bullshit. now dat the pope haz moved on it’z back to BAU.

off grid A/C


i done it. i iz running A/C offen the grid using nuttin but dee power of dee sun. wagan 1000 watt dc/ac inverter, two 55 AH bat trees in parallel, morning star charge controller and an arco 40 watt mono crystallyn panel. today varied from cloudy bright to hazy with some direct sun. the A/C is 490  watts, 4.5 amps, 5300 BTU/hr and rated fro 115 volts.

i hooked everything up at 10 am after i brewed coffee with the same system. i set the A/C at 73 degrees. i ran it for an hour and then i shut the A/C and moved the solar cart for better insolation. when i attempted to restart the A/C nothing happened. ambient air temp about 65 degrees. the inverter showed 13.1 volts and green light. i shut it of and back on, nothing. an oscilloscope showed some funky wave form of a few volts. i shut it off for 5 minnits. then back on green light came on then red for about 5 seconds, red shut off and display showed 13.2 amps. the scope showed a nice sine wave, not perfect but nice. v max and min close to 170, vrms at 120, hertz steady at 60 cps. so what happened? i plugged the A/C in and it is running again.

the bottom label on the inverter sez manufacture date of sept 2013 although i purchased it in sept 2015. at the same time i bought a xantrex 1000 watt inverter. it ran the A/C also. the scope showed a sine wave with ripples or harmonics on it. the peaks are good and hertz also. Vrms varied one or two points. the xantrex had no date of manufacture on it.

i have two 600 watt inverters, one a xantrex and a samlex. on the scope both had clean, perfect text book readings on the sine wave.

the wagan haz ben going on 3 hours powering the A/C. i’ll give it until two pm or so. while the A/C iz running it kept the same clean sine wave and constant numbers.

did i get lucky on the two 600 watters? or i am unlucky with the two 1000 watters? all bought from the sam company, dan rowe, inc.

i viewed it with a FLIR imager. the hottest spot on the case iz the LED display. when i put the cursor box on a point through the vents an internal heat sink had a max reading of 106 degrees.

i must emphasize here that i am running the A/C on pure solar which means in the day time with good but varying sunlight. i am not using this set up to run an A/C in the evening or at night. initially the inverter display indicate 13.5 volts, a fully charged bank. the volts dropped rather quickly to 12.9 volts and haz stabilized at that reading. to recap: to run a 5300 btu A/C with solar you need as a minimum a 1000 watt inverter, two 55 amp hour bat trees and a 40 watt panel charging the system.

i’m happy. suppose next summer there is a power interruption on a weekend when i am home. say it is 89 degrees and 80% humidity. i can roll out the solar cart and roll out an extension cord and run the A/C and sit in a room and be cool. and i can run the DSL modem and laptop and surf the web. since i have TWO 1000 watt carts i can run the fridge and have a cold drink.

AND, if i am psycho enough i can run that extension cord every weekend that is sunny or just not cloudy and run the A/C to deny the electric company. when the sun is out in the summer iz when you’ll be wanting A/C.

this is the beauty of it. what kills yur bat trees is discharge cycles. how deep and how often. this system wont discharge bat trees below 12.9 volts. i can do this indefinitely. it’s perfectly quite. it needs no further input except sun light. no emissions, the bat trees are AGM and sealed.

about 2 pm i switched over to the xantrex inverter. i set the A/C to 72 and then 71 degrees. i viewed the output of air with the FLIR. it iz 68 degrees. that means the compressor kicked in. i noticed the wagan iz having trouble when the compressor starts. just goes to show that nice clean sine wave isnt the whole picture. the 1000 xantrex had a funky wave form but is able to handle cycling on off of the compressor. looks like i have to do more experiments.

it seems the displays on both read about 1/2 volt higher than a what a digital voltmeter reads. both inverters dropped to a voltage(12.5-12.9) and held steady becuz panel is charging system. looks like the xantrex wins. you never know. the wagan may be good for resistive loads, lights and such. they are both rated for 2000 watts surge.

time capsule

guest post:

“We put together a time capsule in 6th grade. A boy named Tim (who liked to bring his BB gun to the playground after school hours and shoot at us) dug it all up the next day and kept the loot.

We all knew he did it, but nobody ratted him out to get teachers because we were scared shitless of him. I have no doubt he is a serial killer or some kind of militia freak today.”

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.