dubious cultishness

uhmerika is the land of the cult. we worship heroes and anti-heroes. i myself belong to a lone wolf club. we communicate by howling at the full moon.

take the election of our president. what each candidate is trying to do is to create a cult which will propel him to the oval office. i dont see any cultish females for president. a cultish female is maralyn monroe or miley cyrus. sarah palin had a cult following but she didnt know what to do with it.

then there is ellen and O! cult big time there. judge judy, dr. oz, tom cruise, michael jordan, elvis, hold the mao, lenin and lennon, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

the bush cult is waning. not weed smoking but the political family. jab jest doan seem to wanter getter up. no,sir. what a flaccid candidate.

i sort of like the donald, he’s uhmerika’s trump card. let’s call a spade a spade, when it comes to presidents what we admire most is assholery. oh, sure, us uhmerikans pussy foot around it all the time. we want our cult leaders to be god like but instead we end up with a watered down satan.

the truth of the matter is, dat uhmerikans will all ways vote for the biggest asshole, barring that we value incompetence.

we love bean lied to. leaders of cults always lie to the members to manipulate them.

and umerikans always like a party, ratpublikan party, dumbocratic party, peace party,super bowl party,party hearty!

a secret society is a cult just secret. uhmerika is full of secret cults. i myself belong to the league of men named mike. we plan on taking over the world by bean slightly less stoned than everyone else.

yeah, uhmerika is the drug cult. the last taboo. we pretend to be chaste and pure but we are in the gutter main lining the world’s resources. well, party like there is no tomorrow. petroleum is an addictive substance and can be abused, no different that cocaine, marijuana or alcohol and tobacco.

and we iz the original cargo cult. hexcept we get our goodies from the sky and sea from factory china. the gadgets we stroke might as well be made by fairies. ax any one wiff a smart fone how it works. do you know how it works? the same way politics works with elections. there are drugs you can take to get elections. there is nothing worse than a “fixed” election.

i predict a race between krispy creme the corpulent goobernator from the grape stake of new jerky and yur funny uncle joe biden. THIS is the best uhmerika can come up with? what a beat down pussy nation we must be. (just imagine any two people on the list of both sides and it’s still the best we can do, case closed)

if dat dont qualify as dubious cultishness, what does?


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