the dearth of uhmerika

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.

“Kim Davis was jailed Thursday for contempt after she steadfastly refused to grant the licenses because she says they interfere with her religious beliefs.”

“two other clerks in Kentucky — Casey Davis in Casey County and Kay Schwartz in Whitley County — are also refusing to issue licenses for the same reason.”

i get the i-deer dat these clerks are of judeo-christian extraction. what i want to know is what will happen when islamic or muslim clerks, officials and politicians refuse to go along with “the laws” of uhmerika?

i predict dat islamic and muslim people will get a “hail mary” pass when it comes to their beliefs and the rest of us will just have to become O!pressed.

yup, why do you think “they” want to bring in tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of syrians and other islamic and muslim refugees to uhmerika?

did i mention that uhmerika’s military scorched earth policy is causing all these refugees? yup, we bomb them into the stone age and they is forced to flee the slaughter. sounds legit to me.

funny how izreal sez, “none is too many”. rich oil states in that part of the world will donate billions to other nations to keep them out, the poor and down trodden.

why does uhmerika want all these refugees? becuz we need a fresh batch of consumers who have nothing but the clothes on their backs. even though media reports indicate they are fleeing with their cell phones i doubt the uhmerikan system is compatible. i guess they will all have to upgrade to a better plan and a new phone.wont they all need microwave ovens and big screen tv’s made in china? good for business.

and…all these refugees will be desperate for work and be willing to work for low wages and long hours. i hope they hire them as teachers and cops and firemen and town and county clerks who may or may not issue marriage licenses (and thereby lower property taxes). exactly what will all these folks think of miley cyrus and legalized marijuana?

right now i am bean told by the goobermint proper gander that all these refugees are good and honest people. but that begs the question, why is their county bean bombed into the stone age? exactly who is evil in syria? how did these evil people get in power when the vast majority are good and honest?

could such a situation happen in uhmerika? a small minority of evil people take over and all the rest of us get bombed out? and…where would all us uhmerika refugees flee to? canada? mexico?

i hope mexico has press two for english when you call a corporate help line or goobermint agency. just saying.

did this piss you off?


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