when urf attacks! (redux)

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.

“Musk admitted that he advocates detonating thermonuclear explosives on neighboring planet Mars….“It is a fixer-upper of a planet,” Musk told Colbert.”

only a rich white uhmerikan male (an asshole) would come up with a plan like that. didnt he watch any 1950’s sci-fi hollerwood movies? dont the invaders get their hat handed to them?

why? becuz we are damn dirty apes, that’s why. it’s a biologocal virus or a computer virus. hue mans play dirty and fer keeps. and we a goan to do “it” to mars. first we must h-bomb it. yeah, that’ll work.

it pretty much looks like urf is a fixer upper planet what wiff plastic in the oceans and that at tommik power plant melt down in japan. yeah, and decades of constant war fer profit, that will lay waste to entire regions. not to mention resource extraction without any regards to consequences. deep water horizon comes to mind. mebbe musk and edward teller are related, THAT asshole wanted to use hydrogen bombs to stop hurricanes.what could possibly go wrong?

why dont we send the palestinians and syrians and other “unwanted” refugees to mars? it can be an interplanetary ghetto.

just some geodesic domes and algae, that’s all they need. they can make cell phones and other disposable gadgets there to ship back to urf. robots can be used as jailers to complete the dystopian picture.

i copyright this science fiction story and will sue the ass offen anyone who makes it into a major motion picture.

did this piss you off?


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