death trap hell hole


a dood aT work  wuz using a machine called a time saver. it is a giant belt grinder. the belt is a loop of sand paper.

there is a conveyor belt that you lay the pieces on. the conveyor belt carries the pieces under the grinding belt. the pieces the dood wuz working on are 1//4 inch thick. now look at yur fingers.most “normal” adults fingers are thicker than 1/4 inch.

some how this dood managed to get hiz hand sucked into the gap between the conveyor and the abrasive belt. it looks like he forgot to let go of the part. the part had some hoLes in it and mebbe hiz finger got stuck and sucked into the machine.

i happened to  be adjacent to this machine but i wuz working on my own very dangerous machine, a 100 ton press brake used to bend sheet metal. so i herd hiz screams. lucklishly a fellow coworker wuz nearby and tripped the emergency shut off. praps hiz hole arm wood have ben  sucked in. i saw the dood run away.

the owner is a certified EMT and he did some first aid that culminated with the owner taking the dood to the horse pit all.

when i walked up towards the front door i saw a trail of blood droplets. not tiny little droplets but big assed droplets. the coworker who tripped the emergency shut off showed me the piece the dood wuz working on. it still had a chunk of flesh on it. very disgusting.

the next day another coworker got an email from the dood wiff a pik chure of hiz hand. looked like a hollow weenie special effects of what a zombie hand looks like with the bone showing. the dood going to surgery and the word on the street is “they” will take a chunk of hiz ass and graft it on his hand.

i spekz we haint goan to see this dood for a while.

about 2 years ago another dood managed to amputate the tip of hiz finger off wiff another machine. the office clerk picked up hiz tip and bagged it and “they” grafted it back on.

and…about 2 yeers be foe dat me boss chopped offen hiz thumb and it wuz hanging loose. he wuz rushed to the horse pit all and “they” reattached it.

so you see, i work in a hell hole death trap. the goobermint, the uhmerikan goobermint, my goobermint can go fuck itself. yessir! royally.

back in 2007-2008 i got the local rag and there wuz an article about my town’s tax assessor. he got 6 months workman’s comp becuz hiz office had mold in it. he got $90,000. both my boss and the dood who got the tip of hiz finger severed got squat. i dont know about the most recent guy. too early to tell. all these shit hole hell hole death trap mom and pop shops dont want to be on the hook for workman’s comp. cuts into the profit margin, cost of doing business.

you see, workman’s comp isnt for workmen. you have to be out 28 days or you get nothing. i suspect the tax ass-sessor gamed duh system but guys what really get hurt have the deck stacked against them.

it’s really shitty. the owner wasnt in today and wont be tomorrow becuz he is probably lining up syrian refugees  to work in hiz hell hole death trap. and you know what? those syrian refugees will be glad to do it for low wages and wont complain when they are mutilated.



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