gloppal swarming


yeerz ago i red about “climate change”. boffins sed dat where it used to be hot it will be cold and where it wuz cold it will be hot. same thing with dry/wet. boffins also sed dat the climate will become unpredictable and/or swing to extremes.

wuz dat old saying? “climate is what you expect, weather is what you get.”

well, i write dis a few days bee foe dee end of summer where i live. it haz ben a right brutal summer. early it wuz wet and cool, then wet and warm, then dry and warm. where i live “they” say it aint a heet wave until 3 days of 90 degree weather. what if it’s 10 days of 89 degree weather and 89% humidity? it aint technically a heet wave but it is still on comfortable.

that is purty much wot happened around here. sure i had two heet waves of 3 days each but in between i had days of 87, 88, 89 and as like humidity. i ran the AC 24/7. it ate up all my solar power. 8.5 kilowatts of panels installed and i still payed out 40 bucks a month. june wuz cloudy and not much insolation. same for early july. but then the middle of july through early september clear and hot every day with high humidity and very little relief at night.

only now, the 3rd week into september haz the pattern broke. finally the meter is spinning backwards. i can shut the AC off at night and actually open a winder.

another factor wuz the extreme snowiness of the winter of 2014/2015. i had 2 feet of snow covering the solar panels until the 3rd week of march. march is a good solar power month iffen it is cleer.

gloppal cooling avocados  say,”see! ice age earth!” then thangs warm up and those gloppal swarming avocados say “see! thangs heeting up, carbon tax, blah-blah-blah!”.

it just seems that those boffins from long ago called it exact, extremes of seasons. chaotic predictions.

coming off an extended warm stretch the farmer’s almanac sez expect another bitter cold and snowy winter in mid east where i live.

pundits from both camps (heet and freeze) cherry pick data and events and ignore data and events that dont fit in wiff deer agenda.

i remember winters where it snowed 3 times a week and i remember winters where it didnt snow at all. i remember marchs where i had to mow the lawn and then this most recent one where the snow jest wont go away.

and summers? i remember summers that were only 2 weeks long and summers that went into october and even november. i hate raking leaves in a tee shirt and breaking a sweat.

droughts too. long droughts, 2 yeers or more. then rain without end.

may and june of 2015 had lots of rain, every 2 or 3 days rain. the beginning of july, lots of rain. the dirt roads i drove my trike in the park had giant deep pot holes to be negotiated. then late july until now sparse rain. but when it rained it wash gully washers. the pot holes were wet for a day or two and dried out. now these pot holes are bone dry and even the worse are damp dirt patches not even mud proper.

even with all that sun, day after day, the meter refused to spin backwards becuz i had to keep the AC on. i got 3 winder units of 5300 btu/hr, 490 watts, 4.5 amps@115 volts. i run the fridge and a dehumidifier in the basement with a 50%  duty cycle setting. i shut the electric hot water heeter off except when needed and it still cost me $40/month.

to be fair i got a 30×70 ranch that sits in the sun from 9 am til 4 pm. the indoor temp is about 78 during the day but it is the humidity that makes things on comfortable. nights no better hovering around 70 and high humidity. and that wut AC is good fer, lowering the humdity. 78 degrees and 50% humidity is better than 89 degrees and 89% humidity.

i guy i worked with told me hiz 3 room apartment cost him $150/month to AC. mebbe other folks walk around nood. on many occasions i sat in my underpants. plus i have a pet. i dont want to come home and him all heet stroked.

the AC’s all have a “energy saver mode”. well, after the house heets up they just go into always on. the only way to get the meter to spin backwards is to shut em off. iffen it is cool and dry at nite i can open a winder. i haz an attic fan and under cool and dry conditions i pull down the attic egress to help increase cross flow.

the house haz a certain heet retention. cool nites jest dont cool her off quickly enough. even a day like today where the air never got much above 70, the kitchen peaked at 77. i turned the AC’s on a for a few hours but now that it is evening i flung open the winders and the AC’s are “fan only”. modern AC’s have dat advantage. they have built in timers for off/ the worst is over i program them to come on at noon. saves big bucks , especially when off in the evening.

but what does this mean? is the erf goan to heet up and fry away or is the erf goan to freeze solid like a snow ball. i say the jury iz still out. the climate iz swinging to extremes and iz chaotic. what the bottom dollar iz i had to actually pay the electric company this summer, DRAT!

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