crispy crisp denied WH

why?becuz he told another fat white man to lose weight! howz dat goan to play to dee pipples of walmart? not too good. it is an unwritten law(r). iffen youse fat, you pick on skinny pipples.

and there is dat old saying, “fat of a feather flocks together”.

consider dat duh higherst ranking officer in the NJ national gurad is morbidly obese! wut doz dat say about uhmerika? and imagine dat a fat politician tells dat fat commander to lose weight!

holy shit! who can make diz shit up. i tells ya, i got me a ring side seat to the freak show. and dat iz why all dee folks want to get dem selves in. so they to can get fat eating mushy tushies. pre cooked, pre heated, pre chewed, pre digested. all you haz to do iz open dee package and flush it down the toilet bowl.

who wood vote for a fat fuck who iz telling another fat fuck to lose weight? mebbe some folks enjoy dat sort of ass holelery.

crispy crisp and the fat commander are typical uhmerikans. TYPICAL UHMERIKANS! stereotypes, archetypes,damn dirty apes!

mebbe crispy crisp wont get in the white house but i be he gets into white castle.

now, TPTB  may just want such a corpulent buffoon in dee white house. “they” can put any one in the white house, jimmy carter, bush the second, clinton as proxy for hillary (he wast running the show, SHE wuz!). even O!bama, i still cant figger out why a total unknown gets catapulted into the white house.

stalin sed it dont matter who votes, just who counts the votes. i have little or no faith in the system. a big fat dumb ass like crispy crisp just could make it. even no matter what dumb shit he sez or duz.


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