the pope!


i see many articles about the pope’s simple meals. the pope haz hiz own 757 jumble jet. so sure, he haz simple healthy meals. and the pope wanted to buzz the statue of liberty. imagine iffen i wanted to buzz the statue of liberty. i be shot down, MOE FOE!

i went to the statue of liberty before all dat 9/11 shit went down. hasnt ben deer since. “they” count the hairs on yur ass now, citizen. only the elite get to go through like the olden days. although it’s easy enough to get to ellis island. not as juicy a target as the green lady.

the pope is all for immigration from poe countries to uhmerika although the vatican is a walled city with no immigration. you haz to become a priest of some import to get in deer.

i often ax spanish folks about their country of origin. i ax dem iffen i call a corporation if they have press one for spanish and two for english. i ax dem iffen goobermint haz bilingual documents and translators available for folks from, say, uhmerika.

without exception, every spanish speaking pussin i axed made a funny face (which we can interpret as a shit eating grin) made a queer laugh, and sed, “NO!”. doan wanna make it easy fer filthy gringos.

i’d respect duh pope more iffen he tuk a tramp steamer to uhmerika and traveled about by bus and subway rather than having an army of lawr enforcement shut down streets and put up barricades. just doan seem humble to me.

besides he forgot to visit my filthy rotten stinkin’ hell hole of a job in paterson, nj. what an oversight. we/us/me desperately needed the blessings of the son.

uhmerika is a profit driven capitalistic society. money means everything, especially freedom. you cant have freedom wiff out money. why with money you can pollute the enviroment, kill people, exploit immigrants, distribute and sell illegal drugs and if you make a lot of money you are a hero instead of a heel.

uhmerikans like to think of themselves as kind, generous, helpful and peaceful people becuz hollywood. the ugly truth is uhmerikans are nasty, greedy, spiteful and full of conflict becuz of the pursuit of money.

uhmerikans believe their own bullshit. now dat the pope haz moved on it’z back to BAU.


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